UnitySwap – Offering a Practical Fundraising Solution in Times of Need

Charitable giving can highlight cryptocurrency’s potential to make a positive change in the world and further popularize blockchain technology. In realization of the importance of this synergy and the damage caused by the current pandemic, UnitySwap was created.

About UnitySwap

In March 2021, after a year of seeing the world tirelessly battling the COVID-19 pandemic, UnitySwap founders, Luc Hijdra and Robby Muilman, were inspired to change charity fundraising for the better. They saw how big of an impact the deadly virus had on charity operations. A survey from Ecclesiastical Insurance shows one in five (19%) charities are facing downsizing, while a similar number of 17% are considering closing some or all of their offices. An innovation in charity fundraising is necessary, and as a result, UnitySwap was born.

The idea behind UnitySwap is to create a digital solution for fundraising and help charities continue solving global issues and achieving sustainable development goals. The platform wants to open new possibilities for investors and donors to contribute to charitable causes. UnitySwap is the world’s first tokenized charity platform that helps charities create their own token. The token is based on the “Invest and Donate” smart contract built on Binance Smart Chain. After the cooperation between UnitySwap and a charity has been legally confirmed, both sides can start the partnership process and the charity is officially part of the UnitySwap ecosystem. The wallet address of the charity is added to the coding of the smart contract for automated donations and 100% decentralization.

UnitySwap promotes ethically conscious investing

UnitySwap’s goal is to create more awareness and financial opportunities to solve global issues such as human rights, climate change, healthcare, and racism. There is a massive amount of capital in the crypto market and UnitySwap would like to see charities get a piece of that capital. Charities on UnitySwap do not have to lift a finger or pay any fee and can still rest assured that there is money flowing to their funds thanks to a system called automated donating. Each transaction for tokenized charities through UnitySwap will have a fee of 2.5%, of which 1% is transferred to the charity’s wallet.

Meanwhile, 1.25% of fee goes to the token holders, so if they hold, they earn rewards passively from all other transactions. Charity donors can simply stake their money in the asset, and UnitySwap seeks to increase their holdings over time to exceed what was originally deposited. Donating or simply making transactions on UnitySwap creates a mutually beneficial relationship for the platform users and charities. And because this is blockchain, the donors have the transparency to see where their donations go. Once you join UnitySwap, you are making a socially responsible investment.

UnitySwap service is 100% free for charities, so it needs 0.25% of the fee to support maintenance, audits, marketing, R&D, and giveaways in order to improve the platform quality and longevity. In addition, UnitySwap practices sustainable development to protect the environment. UnitySwap’s tokens cannot be mined to prevent CO2 emission from crypto mining and the data is processed by a green database.

By combining financial incentives and philanthropy, UnitySwap encourages the crypto community to integrate humanitarian perspective into their daily lives in particular and blockchain technology in general. This could trigger a global movement that defies any prejudice against blockchain and intrinsically links profitability to positive social impact.

Crypto fundraising is here for good

In recent years, the younger generation prefers crypto investing to stocks investing. In fact, the majority of cryptocurrency philanthropists are of Millennials’ and Gen Z’s. Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise, and there is no time like the present to set up nonprofit organizations willing to accept cryptocurrency donations, to openly talk about decentralized finance, and further embracing what blockchain technology has to offer. Blockchain can be used to address certain problems in the development aid area, for example, preventing corruption by making donation information transparent and ensuring resources are correctly allocated to those in need.

It is no doubt that crypto fundraising is looking to stay and make the world a better place. Many nonprofit organizations are accepting cryptocurrency as a new and effective method of funding. Concerned fundraisers who are considering adopting cryptocurrency can be assured they are in great company as major international advocates in the humanitarian sector such as Save the Children, Direct Relief, or American Cancer Society have established that crypto donations play an important role in their long-term fundraising strategy.

UnitySwap wishes to see a world where profitability and social impact grow hand-in-hand. It is not simply a charity token, but a social impact movement powered by blockchain that comes at a pivotal time when nobody has yet to fully grasp the ripple effects of COVID-19 in the world of philanthropy. When you support UnitySwap, you support the charities that are vocal about crypto and help make blockchain more mainstream. In the future, the platform’s chosen charities will continue to evolve as UnitySwap receives more input from the community and benefits from partnerships to maximize efficiency.


UnitySwap’s main token is $UNITY, and it is used for making transactions and staking. With every transaction, 0.25% of the transaction fee is donated to all charity partners that have already had their own token, 1.25% is automatically distributed to $UNITY token holders, and 1% is shared with UnitySwap to fund the platform operation.

Total supply of $UNITY is 1,000,000,000 tokens with the specific allocation as below:

Team members

Unityswap’s team consists of crypto and fundraising experts.


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Final Thoughts

The UnitySwap team is committed to dedicating their expertise and resources for a good cause that would greatly benefit charities and crypto users alike. UnitySwap has the potential to become part of something even bigger than itself and it deserves to have the blockchain community’s full support.


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