Vikings Chain – Augmenting the Blockchain Gaming Experience

Blockchain and NFTs provide games with a real economy where the tokens and in-game items are truly owned by the players and no one, not even the game company, can deliberately take them away. In the quest to be part of the next generation of blockchain games storming into the gaming industry, Vikings Chain was born.

About Vikings Chain

Vikings Chain is a virtual multiplayer fighting game where users can train heroes, challenge opponents, and compete for rewards. The game is built on Binance Smart Chain, and the first part of its name takes inspiration from the gods and Vikings of Norse mythology, while the second part honors the blockchain space in which this exciting crypto game thrives.

Vikings Chain is currently running a test launch with the Beta version only available on PC/Laptops.

Wage explosive battles with Viking warriors

Vikings Chain is akin to a mini version of the famous “Street Fighters”, where each individual prepares weapons and armors to take down opponents in tournaments and claim victory. There are many helmeted and horned warriors in Vikings Chain, each of them is equipped with armor and weapons with different damage and speed range. Weapons can be upgraded according to weapon tiers. As players enter the competitive arena, they can select 1 versus 1 or 2 versus 2 battle modes. The characters and theme of this game is based around Norse mythology, particularly Scandinavian explorers, traders, and warriors, also known as Vikings, which can evoke a sense of adventure and epicness.

There is a leader board based on the number of victories and incentives/prizes given out monthly to the top winners. Players can also join in the excitement of the battles by placing bets using in-game tokens during matches. The leadership board will be reset after the end of every tournament to give equal opportunities to all warriors.

For investors who want to be part of the Vikings Chain community but do not intend to directly be involved with the game itself, they can keep the tokens in their cold wallets and HODL for a moon-shot chance.

Developed using the best technologies

Gaming is one of blockchain’s most lucrative use cases, with industry giants like Ubisoft and Square Enix eagerly jumping on the bandwagon to explore its vast possibilities. And we, as a society, are witnessing the immense power of cryptocurrency unbounded with blockchain games. This is only the first chapter in a long chronicle of crypto conquering the finance world with billions of daily transactions.

Vikings Chain takes advantage of this newfound attention and golden opportunity to build a game combining the famous Unity game engine and the thriving decentralized exchange known as Binance Smart Chain. The Unity game engine provided by Unity Technologies is the world’s leading third-party game-making solution. Over 45% of the world’s developers use this software, making it by far the most used engine in the world. Unity democratizes game development and makes the use of 2D and 3D interactive content more accessible. As a result, creative professionals in the industry are given a perfect platform to help take their projects to the next level, and Vikings Chain is no exception.

The game has also adopted Bot Protection/Smart Contract Solution from Solid Group, a renowned company that has helped many startups such as The MIST.


VikC is the native token of Vikings Chain. Its tokenomics have been meticulously developed to guarantee that participants maximize their potential and receive incentives. The core team has made complete pledges by locking their tokens for a year.


Token name: Vikings Chain

Token ticker: $VikC

Type: BEP-20

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Total supply: 100,000,000 $VikC

Use case:

– VikC tokens are used to purchase in-game items and upgrade weapons

– Players can access seasonal tournaments using $VikC

– Users are able to bet on battles using $VikC

– Users and investors can hold $VikC in their cold wallets to enjoy the 2% token distribution

Token distribution:

– Team: 10% – Locked for the first year. Unlock 10% monthly thereafter.

– Marketing and Liquidity: 20% – Locked for the first 2 months. Unlock 5% monthly thereafter.

– Ecosystem and Development: 30% – Locked for the first 6 months. Unlock 5% monthly thereafter.

– Token Sale: 40%

Team members

Vikings Chain is created by a team of game and crypto enthusiasts/experts with over 10 years of gaming development dedicated to the endless possibilities of blockchain gaming.


Social Channels

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Final Thoughts

Early investors will be generously rewarded when Vikings Chain unveils, step by step, more of what they are working on. The crypto community should get ready for this up-and-coming project to reveal its unique factors in the near future.



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