Barmy Journey

B.Soldiers Program Introduction Barmy is overflowed with joy to introduce the long-awaited B.Soldiers Program. This program is dedicated to nurturing a more lively and engaging community, where our dearest supporters will earn the well-deserved benefits commensurate with their appreciated contributions to the overall properity of the community and Barmy ourselves.
About Argon Argon is the first completely decentralized freelancer marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. They create the perfect platform for hiring managers to seek talents and for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. While other freelancer platforms usually charge a hefty commission which sometimes amounts to 40% of total earnings, Argon allows freelancers
We believe that Binance is the powerful and inspirational leader of all crypto lovers, therefore starting BSC Army as the first decentralized initiative that actively supports Binance and Binance Smart Chain’s ecosystem. To celebrate the assembly of BSC Army, we are happy to announce a welcome event for all new Barmians! A total of $3,000 […]