1. Mark Zuckerberg Has High Expectations For Meta’s Metaverse The CEO of Meta, formerly known as Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has discussed how the metaverse will play a significant role in his company and generate hundreds of billions of dollars in income. According to Zuckerberg, “Our playbook throughout over has been building services, try to serve […]
1. Bitcoin And Ethereum Slowly Recover Over The Week The market has seen the downfall of most cryptocurrencies, and of itself in the past time. But some currencies have managed to bounce back from the low positions they were at. Starting with Bitcoin’s over 10% increase within 7 days, bumbing it back above the $20,000 […]
1. Austria-Based Bitcoin Trading Platform Bitpanda To Lay Off Staff In the middle of the already arrived crypto winter, many crypto-based businesses are facing new issues, with one of them being lowered budget for staff’s salary. As a result, a number of firms have come to the decision to cut down on workforce. Peter Thiel-backed […]
1. Lengendary Footballer Christiano Ronaldo Is Partnering With Binance A number of world-class athletes are heading to crypto, and one of the most famous ones to ever live, Christiano Ronaldo, is now among them. He has signed a long-term marketing contract with the world’s biggest crypto exchange Binance. Many Ronaldo NFT collections will be created […]
1. Tether Launching A New Stablecoin Pegged to British Pound Sterling The upcoming pound-pegged coin GBPT will be the next to join USDT, EURT, CHNT, and MXNT to become the world’s biggest stablecoin issuer’s fifth coin that is fiat-currency-pegged. Tether announced that this coin will be officially introduced to the market in July. The stablecoin will […]
1. Black Hills Energy Of Wyoming Agreed To Supply Power For Crypto Mining As it is seeking to attract Bitcoin miners to the area, the state of Wyoming has so far completed a deal with one crypto mining facility, which guarantees the facility power supply under Wyoming’s Blockchain Interruptible Service Tariff. Black Hills expects this firm to soon become […]
1. The Government of Iran Might Be Cutting Crypto Mining’s Power Supply The production of elctricity in Iran has long been receiving significant subsidies from the government, hence its very low price. Howver, that idea is no longer practical for the country. According to the recent local news, Rajabi Mashhadi, a spokesperson for Ministry of […]
1. Bitcoin Recovers Back To Over $20,000, Ethereum Bounces Back Above $1,000 By Sunday, both Bitcoin and Ethereum have undergone an approximate 35% loss in 7 days. But within Sunday, both coins have managed to bounce back above the $20,000 and $1,000 marks, respectively. While it is not too hopeful of a scenario, as there […]
1. Bitcoin Drops Under $18,000, Ethereum Falls Below $900 On Saturday, Bitcoin dropped below the $20,000 benchmark, followed by Ethereum crossing the $1000 milestone on its way down. This is a rather sorry state for the 2 most valuable coins in the crypto market. A while after they hit these prices, both coins made a […]
1. FBI Warns Users Of LinkedIn Crypto Scammers FBI special agent Sean Ragan, during his interview with CNBC, stated that LinkedIn is a very dangerous place when it comes to crypto investment scam. He believes that “this type of fraudulent activity” is a huge risk to this business-focused platform users, as many have fallen victim […]