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Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT) – The Latest NFT Gaming Marvel on Blockchain

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games appear to be more ubiquitous these days, with new titles popping up pretty regularly, but they often rely on the same old tropes and gaming platforms. It is time for a MOBA title that is fresh and truly rewarding for players, which is what Ftribe Fighters is bringing to the table, or more precisely, to blockchain.

About Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT)

Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT) is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and NFT game on Binance Smart Chain. The game offers solo, duos or a Squad of 4 battles, and fights on various planets. Players will have a chance to show off their Combat Skills, Teamwork, and Survival Skills, which are all essential in the game’s universe as everyone is trying to be the last one standing. Ftribe Fighters is the key product of the lucrative Ftribe Game ecosystem.

An exciting game in a strong ecosystem

Ftribe Fighters is set out in the far flung reaches of the Earth and outer cosmos, where our beloved home planet has turned into a massive, long-lasting, and dreadful battlefield. Players can be a captain of one of different autonomous tribes and battle it out for supremacy against other tribes. Players will venture through a world full of rivalries and challenges while being equipped with a wide range of futuristic weapons, kits, and accessories. All items are available in the game store and can be leased at affordable prices through a leasing option set up among players.

Players have a chance to design their own strategy and fleet to become the one who will dominate the resources and reign the Earth. As this is a MOBA title, they will participate in a 12, 24, or 32 players match with each match lasting around 5 minutes. Players will try their best to survive and become the last man standing in each match. An electrical field will start closing the map after a short period of time and players must avoid being trapped in the field as soon as they can, otherwise they face elimination. Players can be immersed in an interactive world with a compelling gameplay, vibrant and nifty 3D graphics with smooth animation and a VR/AR function coming soon.

Ftribe Fighters empowers the gaming/crypto community

Ftribe Fighters strives to become one of the first blockchain-based MOBA games that are truly owned and governed by the community. The game has developed a Marketplace where players can trade items (NFT) that they have complete ownership over using F2C token or Stablecoin. Non-binding and voluntary transactions are all on-chain, all transparent, automatically processed in the form of smart contracts, and completely decentralized. Although buyers and sellers have to bear some network fees, the fees are inexpensive after having been optimized. In the future, Ftribe Fighters is heading towards authorizing the community to develop their custom modes, maps, cosmetics and monetize them through a system of voting, which helps form a healthy community that creates values and benefits for themselves and the entire ecosystem.

A majority of blockchain games require players to invest a certain amount of money in order to start playing, which is highly unreasonable and accidentally discourages many traditional players from exploring NFT games. In addition, for eSport or MOBA games, the more players, the better the battle. Obviously, a Pay-to-Play approach would limit the expansion of the Ftribe Fighters metaverse in the future and that is exactly why Ftribe Fighters follows a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn model. The extensive ranking system will decide which players get the increasingly bigger rewards at the end of each day, week, month, and year.

Ftribe Fighters creates multiple pools to increase liquidity for F2C tokens and FMC tokens. The game also has staking and farming packages to maximize token earnings. As a result, users can earn more and gain a lucrative passive income, be able to equip their characters with more special items, and enjoy a lot more features in the Ftribe Fighters ecosystem. There will also be a launchpad in the near future for game projects belonging in the Ftribe Fighters ecosystem.


1. $F2C

F2C is the main token of Ftribe Fighters.


– Token name: Ftribe Fighters Coin

– Token ticker: $F2C

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $F2C

Use case:

– Enabling 3 games in Ftribe Fighters ecosystem

– Purchasing in-game items and NFTs

– Voting for new features or adjusting in-game parameters

– Staking or Farming

– Acting as rewards for special events

Token distribution:

2. $FMC

FMC is the governance token of Ftribe Fighters.


– Token ticker: $FMC

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: Unlimited

Use case:

– Upgrading in-game items and increasing the likelihood of successful upgrades of rare items.

– Compete against other players and for highest rankings in the leaderboard

– Swapping in liquidity pools.

Team Members

Ftribe Fighters has a development team full of experience in the blockchain and gaming industry.

ftribe fighters team members


Ftribe Fighters has been audited by Verichains and is launching the official IDO in December. To celebrate the event, Ftribe Fighters is organizing a massive airdrop campaign.

ftribe fighters roadmap


ftribe fighters partnerships

Social Channels

Enter the arena with Ftribe Fighters

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Final Thoughts

Ftribe Fighters effectively combines the investment and gaming elements along with a highly competitive gameplay experience typical of the MOBA genre that will draw in eSports enthusiasts from the mainstream gaming industry. As Ftribe Fighters takes off, the crypto community can be hopeful of a parabolic flight route for its usage and value in the near future.


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