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Overview As most people already know, GameFi is a combination of Gaming and DeFi, where users can play games and accumulate assets over time through decentralized finance (DeFi). It gave birth to the model Play-To-Earn, which is probably not too unfamiliar with veteran crypto enthusiasts. This concept blew up during mid 2021. However, GameFi has […]
Welcome back to another BARMY’s educating and sharing session!  Those who are familiar with DeFi and crypto projects would have seen a lot about auditing and security of one smart contract. However, not all really understand deeply about this field and still have quite a few concerns regarding the purpose, construct of a proper audit.  […]
Among the cryptocurrencies available on the market with their fluctuating values, there actually exist coins designated to maintain their value over time, which are called ‘stablecoins’. The world of cryptocurrencies isn’t just filled with cases where users seek to gain huge profits from the rise in the price of some coins, or cut loss by […]
With Play2Earn, the 2021 trend, on the other side of development, crypto investors, as well as developers, need fresh air to blow back the vibrant. And Move2Earn appeared as a reasonable solution, in terms of content, market, and positive intentions it brought. The following article will help you answer the question, What is Move2Earn; why […]
MetaFi concept is first introduced one day after Valentine’s day, when Binance announced to the public that they are uniting Binance Smart Chain and Binance Chain to create one single ecosystem, BNB Chain. This marks the first move of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, to focus and push the already hot topic, Web3 and […]
Why SocialFi? As we all know, Twitter and Facebook have become social media giants that have a huge influence on the way we consume information and interact online. When the power lies in certain corporations, problems arise: the spread of misinformed and inauthentic news, privacy threats, and more. These are some of the key issues that users […]
The Internet has changed significantly from the first time it appeared nearly 20 years ago, meanwhile the new blockchain technology is increasingly being applied in everyday uses, from finance, entertainment, and of course, the Internet. The Internet, as we are familiar with, is involving itself in the technology race to change from a centralized to […]
Metaverse is currently a hotly-debated topic on the Internet after Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, introduced to the public the new name of Facebook company called Meta and its plan to develop the metaverse for the next 10 years as a whole new virtual world. What is Metaverse? How does it work to affect the blockchain […]
DeFi (short for Decentralized Finance) has been a very popular trend since 2020, with many well-known DeFi coins namely Alpha, Uni, KLC, … Many may be aware of this type of coin, but do not fully understand what it is basically. Therefore, this article may spread the light on the foundation knowledge about the DeFi […]