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OpenLive NFT – A Modern Art Exhibit/Auction House in the Age of Cryptocurrency

2022 is predicted to surpass 2021 – the year that was already deemed the breakout year for NFTs – and further pushes in the mass adoption of blockchain technology. OpenLive NFT, as a newcomer into the world of NFT, pledges to be a thriving NFT marketplace and crypto tokens trading hub evolution for the blockchain community.

About OpenLive NFT

OpenLive NFT is a peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto collectibles, non-fungible tokens, and virtual items on Binance Smart Chain. In OpenLive NFT, every item is unique and has the potential to go up significantly in value. OpenLive NFT takes the utmost precaution in keeping the community safe and accessible, such as carefully censoring items before being displayed on the web and supporting several other properties that allow for multimedia attachments, including audio, video, and 3D models, plus interactive traits for the items, giving the users all the sorting and filtering capabilities on the OpenLive NFT Marketplace.

The marketplace of the future

As the number of people creating and trading NFT increases day by day, the future is looking very bright for cryptocurrencies and NFT trading platforms. Every little action from the users helps to grow the platform, from requesting new features, voting for the next changes, sharing feedback, or just being active and passionate about their NFT assets. In turn, marketplaces such as OpenLive NFT secures and protects the works of artists through various mechanisms, including profile verification, artworks authentication, and providing the ability for artists to report malicious contract codes or users. It is a win-win situation for both parties, and rest assured there is no need for a third party to get involved and complicate the transparent and quick transaction process.

Furthermore, the OpenLive NFT platform, similar to many other decentralized marketplaces, lets users earn royalties on NFTs that they may buy and resell, making for a potential source of passive income. It truly values the efficiency and profit maximization in money-making. NFTs and Web3 are undoubtedly going to be the future of ownership transactions and artistic creativity.

OpenLive NFT and its plethora of special features

At its core, OpenLive NFT has all the necessary functions of a typical product trading platform. But as a decentralized marketplace, it offers many features that traditional online marketplace could not bring to the table. The most notable and important features of OpenLive are (1) NFT Market: Buy & Sell NFT, where users and creators can freely interact and trade NFTs to fit their needs; (2) Auction: users can bid for any NFT items that creators set up for bid; (3) Create & Sell: Provide supporting tools for users to make their NFT masterpieces (4) Collection: Using AI technology to categorize groups of NFTs with the same theme or creators to make the browsing experience more convenient. Other than the features mentioned above, OpenLive NFT also harbors an NFT Launchpad (IGO/INO), UI/UX, and Omni Chain.

OpenLive NFT is not just an open playground for artworks. Granted, anything can be art depending on the eye of the beholder, but in a more non-abstract sense, we are talking about practical usages in other popular fields, such as NFT for Music, Real Estate, Video Clip, Sport, Game, Domain names, Accessories, and Infrastructure Development. Basically, everything one needs can be found on OpenLive NFT, making it a bustling all-in-one NFTs marketplace.


OPV token is the governance token for OpenLive NFT.


– Token name: OpenLive NFT

– Token ticker: $OPV

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: ​200,000,000 $OPV

– Smart Contract Address: 0x36C7B164F85D6F775cD128966D5819c7d36FEfF3

Use case:

– Transaction fee for purchases happening on the platform

– Administration function to empower the community

– Rewards

Token distribution:

Team Members


OpenLive NFT decided to start from home, and with a developing team full of passion, it hopes to preserve and enrich the thousands of years of Vietnamese history, and then expand across South East Asia. OpenLive NFT has also just received an investment from Ufin Venture.


Social Channels

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Final Thoughts

By establishing a $1 million fund reserved only to develop the marketplace, OpenLive NFTs is committed to bringing forth digital ownership transformation while empowering creators and communities on the way to a more sustainable, decentralized future of the web.


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