Moonsta’s Revenge – Embark on an Exciting Anti-hero P2E Fantasy Journey

RPG games are being built using blockchain technology to give players a chance to earn real crypto rewards and NFTs, adding another layer of complexity to traditional RPG games, and Moonsta’s Revenge is the latest addition to this historic gaming revolution.

About Moonsta’s Revenge

Moonsta’s Revenge is a fantasy play-to-earn role-playing game built on Binance Smart Chain. The game aims to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of people to actively participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in the most simple, creative, and enjoyable way. The gameplay mechanics are similar to hack-and-slash or shooter games with intriguing mythical creatures.

Engage in a captivating narrative and creative gameplay

The story of Moonsta’s Revenge begins when Moon Land was a peaceful and breathtaking landscape, where Moonstas and humans lived in harmony. However, the King of the land felt threatened by the power of the Moonstas, so he ordered a troop of bad Heroes to destroy the Moonstas’ land. The Moonstas have no other choice but to send their warriors to rise against the Moon Land soldiers to take back their beautiful land. They must seek revenge on the ruthless invasion of their home.

The name Moonsta is a clever play on words of ‘monster’ and ‘moon’, and in this story, the monsters are the protagonists. This is the classic anti-heroes trope that has a tendency to be more relatable than heroes, where the less fortunate and often misunderstood have to stand against self-righteous invaders and support anti-imperialism. Things can get very interesting once you add our ugliest, weirdest heroes into the mix as heroism and monstrousness incites sympathy and fear. The Moonstas encourage players to delve deeper and reach more nuanced and genuine conclusions by joining their side in battles. The anti-heroes become more relatable than the flat, mundane hero.

The game incorporates many creative gameplay and rewards. Moonsta’s Revenge offers many ways to have fun with your monsters. Players can merge two same Moonstas to become a stronger one (Transformation), or pair Moonstas and create offspring (Breeding). There are limited first-generation eggs that can be sold and players can experiment with unique elemental systems to increase power.

The monsters are arranged into 4 levels of rarity in ascending order: Common, Epic and Legendary, Mythic with weapons and runes to be used to fight heroes. Ultimately, players will put monsters up for intense PvP with other players and claim handsome rewards. This is a turn-based RPG battle consisting of turns where players can command their characters to perform various actions to defeat their enemies. Each character can perform actions based on their class, weapons, and special abilities to determine the outcome.

Players can claim multiple rewards that translate into real-world money

The emergence of blockchain is creating a decentralized gaming future where items won or purchased in the games could be transferable and used practically, putting a real-world value on digital in-game assets. The addition of valuable and unique NFT assets can drive the price of these in-game assets up to thousands of dollars each based on scarcity.

The story is no different from Moonsta’s Revenge. Players can spend a lot of money in games and be ensured that their investments remain, while the in-game assets are 100% under their ownership. Moonsta’s Revenge is truly play-to-earn and to keep.

Players can win PvP battles to earn EXP and rewards or a percentage of betting amounts for each battle. With Treasure Hunt, players can hunt for rewards and once they accumulate 50 turns of hunting, they can claim a first-generation egg. Moonsta’s Revenge now has a Referral system where players can invite friends and earn $MTR on every transaction they spend, a.k.a a passive income.

After all the fighting and hunting are done, players can visit the marketplace to freely buy and sell NFTs.


$MTR is the native token of Moonsta’s Revenge.


– Token name: Moonsta’s Revenge

– Token ticker: $MTR

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 50,000,000 $MTR

– Smart contract address: 0xc0dc059E59B48016bCA8C8F57A3b40fd08B3bD77

Use case:

– to pay for in-game expenses

– staking for rewards

Token distribution:

– Presale: 35%

– Play-to-earn: 39%

– Liquid pool: 20% – Lock 1 year

– Airdrop: 1%

– Dev team: 4% – Lock 12 months, vesting every month

– Marketing: 1% – Lock 2 months, vesting every month


Moonsta’s Revenge has developed an extensive roadmap for their upcoming new game features.


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Final Thoughts

Moonsta’s Revenge is recently hailed in the top gaming projects roll of honors on BSC. The game has also been audited by Solid Group. A bright future ahead awaits this unique and exciting P2E blockchain game.


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