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AMA Recap: Heron

Basic information

  • Time: October 20th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Heron Eco Retreat
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Andy | Representative BD from Heron
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Products and Services
    • Part 3: Team
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Roadmap
    • Part 6: Security
    • Part 7: Community Q&A



Can you introduce a little bit about yourself and also the vision of your project?

Andy: It’s great to be here and sharing with you guys about our project today. A bit about myself, i’m Andy, representative BD of Heron Eco Retreat project. About my background, I have had three and a half years in domestic tourism and I have been working in the Blockchain industry for almost a year. First, I would like to give you guys a general overview about our project. Heron Eco Retreat is a retreat that is visionized to be a place for self-healing and a perfect getaway for urban people. It’s a place built within nature and not dominating. By partially using pre-built bungalows, we could minimize the damage to surroundings and keep everything as intact as possible. There has been a lot of research saying that after COVID-19, customer behavior will change a lot. Now, we, as humans, are more conscious about our health and life value as the pandemic has shown how cruel Mother Nature could be. We, as customers, are now looking for services and experiences that focus and serve our health. This is one of the crucial reasons why we are dedicated to start this journey. About our vision and mission, we aim to solve two huge problems of both worlds, the Cryptocurrency world and the real world we are living in right now. The first problem is that the world we’re living in right now is drowning us with stress, we are overwhelmed by workloads, a lot of stuff and we are exhausted. Heron Eco Retreat aims to be the place where people would come to find their soul and reconnect with Mother Nature. The second problem we want to solve is the lack of real value and real life application of the Cryptocurrency world, especially the NFT trend which is really hot right now. That is an overview about our project.


Together as a team, what kind of product have you guys been offering so far? Or that you are aiming to offer in the near future for the users, for the community?

Andy: What Heron Eco Retreat wants to offer to our customer is a luxurious experience combined with healthcare services like meditation, yoga classes that can help us reach further to our soul and complex. Our construction is built within nature, therefore people can surround themselves in the greens, in the trees and they can be free from the real world, the urban world stress. That’s pretty much everything we want to give to our customers that is from the tourism perspective. From the Cryptocurrency perspective, we want to give our investors more opportunity and possibility to invest and to travel at the same time. So the ecosystem we are creating right now would allow investors to maximize the possibility to earn profit from owning, holding and staking our token.

Part 3: TEAM

I know there are a lot of people in your team right now, can you describe their positions and how they contributed to Heron Retreat, the project as a whole?

Andy: Our team is composed of high level individuals in both the Cryptocurrency world and traditional business world. First, I want to share about our founder, Mr. Thang Trinh, who has a background in technology and has more than five years of experience in developing wellness and retreat projects. He is specialized in partnership development, growth strategy and team skilling. Next, Mr. Phu Nguyen is the general manager of the Heron project. His responsibility is to keep the project operation on the right track. He’s also the one who collects data and gives out an overview of how to attract plenty of customers and how all the services and experiences at Heron Eco Retreat are designed in order to meet all customer needs and demand. We have here, Mr. Son Tran, he is the architecture manager in the Heron project and he’s in charge of the design process. Here’s how it’s going to work, when the general manager collects all the data, he’s going to transfer it to Mr. Son. He’s going to use that data and do all the research on how suitable the geographic and climate conditions are to construct Heron Eco Retreat. The process will be taken care of by his crew. Next is Mr. Khanh Mai, he is the construction manager and he’s the one who works with material suppliers, contractors and local authorities for legal paper. One of a must-have positions in our team is a financial specialist and Mr. Thang Nguyen is in charge of this position. His field is to manage financial risk, calculate all the additional expenses that could happen in the future during the process and to make sure all the risks are mostly considered and handled beforehand. The last but also the most important person of our project is Mrs. Hanh Nguyen who is a real estate expert. She has a background of more than 15 years of experience in this field. With her experience and network, her role is super important as she knows all the new and cranny of the rest of the world and she could give us a really deep insight on how to operate this project. For our strategic partners and backers, first, I would like to mention LaunchZone which is one of the highlight launchpads on Binance Smart Chain. LaunchZone helps us as an incubator to develop the technology system to make sure that the Cryptocurrency aspect of our project would go on the right track. Then, we have Mrs. Le Viet Thanh Ha and she is the advisor of branding and marketing for Heron Eco Retreat. She used to be the CMO of international banks such as HSBC or Citibank. Currently, she is a CMO of One Mount Group aka 1M Group and that is a tech focused company owned by Vingroup. We have another strategic partner who is Mr. Arfan. He has more than 26 years of experience in the hospitality and real estate field. He used to be a former general manager of FLC Group and now he is managing director of Flamingo Group. At the same time, he is a general manager of Best Western International, Inc., CEO of Eco Property Management, IncEC OPM and residence manager of cup Italian.


You have a very unique mechanism for your token. I’ve heard that you can stake them and earn some vulture for the retreat, can you go into detail about that?

Andy: About Heron tokenomic, I want to give you some overview about it first before going into details. So, the total supply of $HERON is 235 million $HERON in total and all of these tokens would be sold to our investors. The vesting schedule is 10% of $HERON would be released at TGE is going to be cliff for one month and then the other 90% of the token will be given back to our investors at the rate of 7.5% each month in the next 12 months. That’s the overview of the tokenomic of $HERON. About the token utilities, so we have the stacking program to get NFT to have a 2 days/1 night stay at Heron Eco Retreat. In specific, to get 1 Heron NFT, $HERON owner must take 74,000 $HERON for 1 year to get at least 1 Heron NFT. This NFT is unique and will be converted into a voucher in QR code format. This voucher is equivalent to a 2 days/1 night stay at Heron Eco Retreat which has included one meal and other services. About Heron NFT, this could work as a voucher or it could also be listed on our DeFi marketplace for trading, so people could buy this voucher here if they did not stake their $HERON or they did not own $HERON at the first place and investors could make profit by trading it. One last use of $HERON, with Heron NFT, both of these could be used in LZ Farm which is a GameFi under developed by LaunchZone and it is expected to launch next year. For more information and updates about LZ Farm GameFi, you could follow LaunchZone’s channels and get updated with the latest news.

Since there are a lot of people who are still confused about the concept of this whole project, they are mixed up with real estate investment. Can you clarify this for our audience right here?

Andy: Just to clarify, Heron Eco Retreat is not a real estate project. What we are doing here in the Crypto world is to offer investors early access to Heron services and experiences. This is a chance for you to own the voucher of Heron Eco Retreat and you could use it right after we have the grand opening at the end of next year. $HERON is not used for trading or buying anything in the real world, it’s just for acquiring the NFT to convert to a voucher to use in our Eco Retreat.


Where are you guys right now on the roadmap? How is the business going? What are your next goals that you guys are focusing on right now?

Andy: Currently, we have finished all the detailed designs of Heron Eco Retreat, we are about to finish acquiring all the legal papers and launch our building phase in the beginning of 2022. So far everything has been going pretty well since everything is very transparent and it’s not really hard to acquire those legal papers. The next goal of our project is to finish the retreat on time so that when the deadline comes, people can go to Heron Eco Retreat and use the voucher to enjoy our services and experience our products.

I’ve known that Heron is placed in Asia right now mostly and you guys are also targeting a lot of Asian customers and investors. What are your plans to expand your circle even more globally? What are your marketing strategies to expand your community right now?

Andy: About global scale, we are not actually focusing on that because as you know, the COVID-19 pandemic is still there and not likely to end soon. But in our country, Vietnam, the pandemic’s been pretty much in control, we are slowly opening the country and starting domestic tourism. Our current goal right now is to catch up with the trend to be the first to welcome domestic customers to travel. That’s the plan for global scaling. About our marketing strategy, for now we are pushing AMA sessions in global and domestic communities and then we’re gonna do airdrops to attract more investors. In the meantime, social media channels such as Twitter and Telegram will be our main information and update platform. Instagram will be our focus when Heron Eco Retreat goes into operation since pictures leave the deepest impact on social media users. Facebook ads, Google ads and Google SEO would be our tool to boost our traffic to Heron website and sales. Youtube will be our channel for educating non-Crypto native in order to spread knowledge about Cryptocurrency and how it solves our modern world problems.


There are a lot of scam projects out there right now. Since your project has a really big scale as you can see, what would you like to say to guarantee our users, our investors that they have their trust in your project, they have their wallets secure and your security system works fine enough for the project, for everyone?

Andy: Because we are incubated by LaunchZone, as you guys know, LaunchZone has been audited many times. Projects which are incubated by LaunchZone will heritage its security and safety because LaunchZone is very keen on choosing what project to support, to incubate so investors would not have to find it scammy about this project. One more thing I want to mention is that our project is actually still a traditional business model and we want to pave the way to integrate Blockchain technology into it. The Cryptocurrency thing we are doing right now in our project only takes into account 20% and the other 80% of the project is still in the traditional model. It has to be legal to be allowed to operate so you could trust this project.


Has there been a similar project as successful as Heron? Why call investors on the Crypto market and not another way?

Andy: To be honest, there have been a lot of tourism companies that have adapted Blockchain technology into the system but so far, what they have done is stay at booking services. For example, I could give you two names which are BitBook and Traveler. They actually work like Tripadvisor, they let people write reviews and book tours and trips when traveling and they have a NFT incentive system to encourage people to use their service. Heron is right now the first tourism model to bring Cryptocurrency or Blockchain technology this far because what we are offering users is the ability to use our token to get a voucher to study and enjoy our services at Heron Eco Retreat. Why call investors on the Crypto market and not the other way? There’s no doubt that the Crypto world right now is really, really huge. It’s really trendy, people have been talking about it very much for many years and we actually find the Cryptocurrency world a very potential market, we want to find ways to combine both words together but it’s really hard because we are the first ones to do that. We must make slow and steady steps to make sure that everything is in the right direction.

Besides NFT tickets, do customers have to pay any extra fee for traveling?

Andy: When you have already acquired a voucher by converting it from an NFT, everything has already been included in the voucher but if you want to travel in the traditional way, you can just come to Heron and do it normally like book a room and enjoy our services and pay the fee.

The COVID epidemic is breaking out. Heron is a tourism project, why are you organizing IDO during this period? Please state your point of view to attract more investors to the project.

Andy: I could give a personal opinion from my tourism perspective since I have been a tourist for about three and a half years. When I was still a tour guide, I could see that Vietnam was on the way to be the second Thailand in Southeast Asia which means that Vietnam is really, really famous among the global traveler community. When COVID-19 happens, it actually doesn’t make people not want to travel anymore, it just makes people unable to travel, their demand for traveling is still there and it’s gonna take some time to be as hectic as it used to be. But we believe that it’s just gonna take maybe half of a year or a year to get back to the point we used to be. Because of that, we decided to run this project as an eco retreat to welcome the first wave of foreign tourists coming back to Vietnam but before opening tourism to foreign tourists, we couldn’t welcome domestic tourists already because Vietnam is slowly opening the country from the inside and people could actually start traveling domestically in the next few months. The reason why we are organizing the IDO event during this period is because in our tokenomic, to get one NFT, you have to stake 74,000 $HERON in 1 year to get at least one NFT. When the IDO is done, 10% of the token will be returned to the investor and the other 90% will be returned in the next 12 months. You can see that it’s a matter of timing. When people have been returned all the tokens, it’s going to be the time that Heron Eco Retreat goes into operation and people can start using our service instantly.

The project needs a very long investment, but most people only think of immediate benefits (trade). What will make investors stay long with the project?

Andy: In Cryptocurrency, people expect to make profit in short term and then they cash out but what we are offering here is a kind of entity which is packed into a real-life service, a real-life product that people could enjoy for a very long time just by holding and staking $HERON. We actually offer a lot of ways for investors to make profit in a short term, by listing the NFT they own onto our DeFi marketplace and then trade it for profit. Our project is suitable for both long-term holders and short-term traders.

In the future would Heron expand worldwide? Because some global customers might want to travel but the venue is only in Vietnam?

Andy: Our main priority right now is domestic tourism. We don’t really want to plan too far because it’s really hard to make the plan happen or we want to do things that we could do right now which are in the short term. So we decided to just focus on domestic tourism right now. When the world is officially opened, people from different countries can travel from one country to another, then we would start thinking about expanding our retreat.

I want to know the meaning behind your project name, Heron. Do you have any story to back it up?

Andy: Heron is a kind of creature that is very familiar in Vietnam’s history. When winter comes, the birds, the Herons, will fly from the north to the south to get away from the cold of the Northern winter. That image is what inspired our team to start this project because that image to us is exactly like how human beings are doing right now. We are digital nomads that are all tired of the urban stress and really, really want to find a way to get away from all that exhaustion. That’s when the idea of an eco retreat started to appear in our mind and that’s the story behind it.


Up to now, Heron Eco Retreat has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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