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Monsta Party – Embrace Your Inner Party Animal

The blockchain gaming scene is no doubt going to become a multi trillion-dollar market as the world is heading for another revolutionary turn ever since the birth of the Internet, specifically, the advent of blockchain and NFTs. And with the hardships and isolation that came in recent years due to the pandemic, crypto users should spice up their life with a virtual party filled with fun monsters and the chance to earn money. Welcome to Monsta Party.

About Monsta Party

Monsta Party NFTs are a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated P2E on Binance Smart Chain. The game offers unique Monsta avatars with over 150 attributes, each NFT features premium custom-drawn artwork that players interact with and “feed” to earn PXP (Party Experience Points) and ultimately earn passive $MONSTA dividends. As Party Monstas gain PXP, they level up, increasing the amount of $MONSTA that is awarded to players. There is also Free Daily PXP and more opportunities to earn free PXP through certain fun activities, such as mini-games, quests, contests, etc.

A part of the powerful Cake Monster ecosystem

The Monsta Party game is a branch of an emerging and successful DeFi protocol, Cake Monster, and the Party Monstas are backed by the value of this platform’s main token, which is $MONSTA. $MONSTA is a valid token that does rather well on blockchain, which can help the Monsta NFTs attain a high price point and increase significantly in value as the market and the protocol grow. Cake Monster is itself backed by an ever-increasing vault of the most valuable token on the Binance Smart Chain, $CAKE, and features a hybrid monetary policy that aims to sustainably reward holders and battle the shortfalls of traditional ecosystems. With such strong support, Monsta Party NFTs are unlikely to go to zero, unlike many other avatar projects that gradually fade as the initial hype wears off.

There actually aren’t too many solid crypto gaming startups out there, and thankfully Party Monsta is built by crypto experts who aim to station crypto-economics at the center of the project. As a result, Monsta Party has a pretty advanced economy and rudimentary gameplay that are highly engaging. Users can easily sell the goods they’ve purchased with in-game currency for actual cash, part of a broader “play-to-earn” mechanic which rewards users for investing time in the platform.

One-of-a-kind NFTs as the life and soul of the party

The journey started with an egg as everyone mints a Gen-0 Egg when they first enter the game. Soon afterward, the Gen-0 Egg will hatch into a Gen-0 Party Monsta NFT. Once hatched, the Party Monsta will start gaining daily Party Experience Points (PXP). The NFTs are sorted by Rarity and have various cool skin/clothes and accessories. The Monsta NFTs can have a somewhat old-fashion appearance, or a suave exterior, and even a regal presence, but rest assured each is unique and has the potential to be very valuable and rare. Users can consider it a delicious NFT project featuring the most eye-popping and roof-raising little monsters and earn some $MONSTA dividends as the party starts.

A portion of the Monsta Party collection is pop culture-inspired, ranging from movies or games or simply a famous meme, which has many people coming from far and wide to see what is going on. After all, pop culture is always successful at garnering attention. And what’s a party without massive attendance? This is helpful because the goal is to get as many Party Experience Points as possible to get the biggest share of the feeding and NFT royalty proceeds. Furthermore, the minting proceeds, the NFT feedings, and even NFT sales will help to add constant buy and burn pressure on the main token – $MONSTA.


MONSTA token is the main token for the Cake Monster protocol and is directly associated with the game Monsta Party.


– Token ticker: $MONSTA

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 10,000,000,000 $MONSTA

– Smart contract address: 0x8A5d7FCD4c90421d21d30fCC4435948aC3618B2f

Use case:

– Purchasing NFTs

– Rewards

Token distribution:


The team behind Monsta Party intends to integrate into as many metaverses as possible. Monsta Party has recently teamed up with ProjectOasis.

Social Channels

Let your hair down and have a whale of a time with Monsta Party:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

Final Thoughts

The Monsta Party team comprises gaming and blockchain industry veterans who are committed to building a gaming platform that is simply fun and beneficial to users. Investors should keep an eye out for this promising project as the “party” grows bigger in the future.


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