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100xCoin – Explore the crypto space with Ken The Crypto

Young, Bold and Dedicated – Ken The Crypto

Also known as the “Dot Com Kids”, Generation Z have a stronger preference for digitized transactions and therefore are becoming the dominant demographic in the cryptocurrency market. They are surrounded by data, but find it hard to collect useful information and illuminating insights. They were in dire need of a crypto influencer of “their kind”, someone they can trust and relate to, until Ken The Crypto.

Ken is the representative for GenZ’s tech-savvy and agile side: Dare to explore the new and adapt well to challenges. In April 2017, a 22-year-old boy named Ken Llamas embarked on the crypto journey with just as small as $20 in ETH. He came out with a whopping $2,000 profit when summer ended. 

Six months later, Ken established his own Youtube channel Ken The Crypto. At that time, his profit was nearing $30,000. The crypto market might send you on many roller coaster rides, yet it takes much more than pure luck to stay ahead of the game as Ken. Ken is casual but not careless; he always does his homework. His strategies are extremely comprehensive with the use of software and tools, such as auto-farm or the famous Bitcoin Rainbow Chart.

Ken also takes a different route from the crowd – he totally diverts himself from the notorious Bitcoin. Ken The Crypto is not afraid of risks; he was one of the first to experiment with Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche gems as he always looks for Bitcoin alternatives for profit maximization. 

Ken never called himself an expert despite his successful investments. He is there to share and to be our valuable source of information. Stories of the triumph over financial crisis by Ken’s fans can be found easily on Youtube and we all are thankful that Ken brings us to crypto and especially the promising DeFi.


A Project for All

Being a gem hunter himself, Ken understands the consequences of the FOMO phenomenon.  The illusion of scarcity and viral marketing leave thousands of investors empty-handed and completely lose their confidence in decentralized finance.

100xCoin is developed by Ken and his team to unite all crypto advocates and give them the ultimate DeFi experience. 100xCoin is the first project by an influencer, a true degen leader in the crypto space.

The five pillars of 100xCoin are: Transparency, Sustainability, Education, Mutual Support between Crypto Communities and First-class Shilling. Let’s elaborate on these unique traits.


100xCoin’s core team doesn’t hesitate to reveal their identity. Led by Ken, the team makes excellent masters in marketing.

The team also provides verified contract source code and has a practical audit plan to reassure their supporters. The first smart contract audit of 100xCoin was performed by the reliable TechRate and already published on their website.


100xCoin was originally launched as 100xElon, a classic memecoin that imposed the 0% fees on all transactions. 100xElon achieved explosive growth within the first 48 hours after launch, clearly demonstrating Ken’s eminence. The only drawback of this model was the 0% transaction fees, which made 100xElon more susceptible to bot attacks.

The team then decided to migrate to the new 100xCoin. 100x is not only the literal 100x increase in value, but also the 100x determination of adding real value to the DeFi sector. The revised tokenomics focuses on implementing transaction fees and token burn events to highlight the deflationary effect of $100x. Below is a summary of $100x tokenomics:

  • Specification:

Token Name: 100xCoin

Token TIcker: $100x

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Spec: BEP-20

Initial Total Supply: 935,312,500,000,000

Smart Contract Address: 0x016c285d5b918b92aa85ef1e147498badfe30d69

  • Transaction fees: Each transaction is charged a 10% fee, whose distribution is determined in the following ratio:

Source: 100xCoin Whitepaper

Graphics by BARMY Xpress

  • Token burn events: The 100xCoin Team guarantees to buy back and burn $100x manually. The decreasing supply is meant to hedge against $100x price volatility.
  • Increased protection against bot attacks: The new design of 100xCoin’s smart contracts allows them to detect abnormal swap activities. If a swap is executed faster than expected, the protocol will automatically increase the corresponding transaction fees. These higher fees will later be redistributed to $100x holders as a reward for playing fair.

Educational Contents

Ken always encourages his viewers to do their own research. He even provides resources, explains his strategies and shares his personal assumptions about the market, all to prevent crypto newbies from falling for scams or buying high, selling low.

An Educational Crypto Blog is integrated into the official website of 100xCoin, giving $100x lovers and other crypto investors access to a good knowledge resource.

In addition, one of the two member groups that 100xCoin targets consists of cryptocurrency experts. They have been in the game for quite some time and have had unrivalled experience. A diversified mix of professionals and naive investors let the latter learn from the former and purchase tokens more responsibly.

Mutual Support between Crypto Communities

For the greater good of bringing decentralization into real-life activities, the 100xCoin Team collaborates with several other DeFi projects on Binance Smart Chain, such as LaunchZone, BSC Army and so on. They are also expanding their work to the Polygon (MATIC) network. 100xCoin plans to host AMA sessions and promotions for other communities to thrive together.

First-class Shilling

Being an influencer himself, Ken’s strong point is digital marketing, where good shills are necessary for raising awareness. 100xCoin is the project to last for decades, that’s why ambassadors and celebrities are endorsing it. 


The 100x Bundle

100xAltbase: Robinhood for altcoins

Already available on Google Play and coming soon to AppStore, 100xAltbase is designed to make it easier to buy altcoins. Major payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay, SWIFT and SEPA. 100xAltbase differentiates itself by adding the unique memecoin tracking feature.

100xCollabs: The first sports and celebrity NFT art on Binance

100xCollabs takes advantage of their close relationships with influencers, NFL athletes, MMA fighters and other celebrities and offers the tokenized product of these collaborations. Users need to stake $100x to participate in the early bidding of rare collectibles.

100xCoin Official Partners

The tokenomics for 100xCollabs isn’t complete yet. What we know for sure is revenues will go back to 100xCollab’s partners, liquidity pools and the platform development fund.

Zach Wood – Moonshot Warrior Series

100xRocket: The first launchpad generator in DeFi

100xRocket is a co-production between 100xCoin and RocketBunny.

With 100xRocket, 100xCoin aims to solve the technical problem of crowdfunding: Projects can generate their own launchpads by paying monthly fees and giving the platform a part of the token allocation from their private sales. This model ensures lower infrastructure costs for startups and is the key dApp in the 100xCoin ecosystem.

100xCoin grants their holders plenty of investment opportunities using a tiered system. Owners of more $100x will be able to join the private sale, while small holders will have to wait until it ends.

Merchandise Store: Let’s show your love for 100xCoin

100xCoin Merch is open for the 100xCoin fandom at https://100xcoin.shop/. The product selection is still limited (only one hoodie style), but the team is working on the production procedures.


Source: 100xCoin Whitepaper

Graphics by BARMY Xpress

Official Channels

Still curious? Follow 100xCoin key channels to get more insights:

Twitter | Telegram group | Facebook

Bottom Line

100xCoin is the degenpreneurship of youthful energy and genuine enthusiasm, which will definitely help expand the whole Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Fasten your seatbelt, they are creating a new investment class – Accessible High-growth Blockchain Projects – and pushing to new highs in many markets.


Writers’ opinions are solely their own and do not constitute any financial advice, investment advice or trading advice. BSC Army strongly recommends that you do your own research and seek professional advice from a financial advisor where appropriate.

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