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Mimir – Sharpen Your Wits with The World’s First Quiz Game on Blockchain

A quiz game is a fast and efficient way to verify one’s intellectual dominance while being able to connect with many other kindred spirits in the fun world of trivia. And up until now, the crypto community is still waiting for a breakthrough game that will draw even the most casual and highbrow gamers into the world of blockchain gaming. Mimir Quiz might become that success story.

About Mimir

Mimir Quiz is the world’s first knowledge-based game powered by blockchain and is of the intellectually stimulating trivia game genre. In Mimir, users can challenge friends or strangers in various game modes and test their trivia skills to win cryptocurrencies. It is a fun, profitable, harmless crypto game that can boost one’s intelligence along with their assets. Mimir Quiz is building blockchain games for the mass markets which is disrupting the 2.5 billion strong mobile gaming market and it is just the first of many blockchain games to come where the MIMIR Token is the one and only token powering the games.

Links to download & play Mimir Quiz:
Web Browser
Google Play

The first-of-its-kind quiz game

Trivia/quiz games can provide a dopamine rush much like gambling but minus the negative effects. People, in general, enjoy the thrill of providing correct answers to questions about lesser-known facts as they get a rush or a neuro reward signal or a dopamine burst from winning. There are people whose passion is learning facts so that they can excel at trivia while retaining information about things we are interested in can be similar to a healthy exercise for the frontal cortex as the brain ages.

Mimir quiz game incorporates crypto elements with the fascination for trivia games to ensure crypto users have the best and educational time while earning money. Mimir also develops a live video streaming feature to foster a social community where users from all corners of the world can not only win big prizes but also test their knowledge on a variety of topics. In short, Mimir is an interactive social-quiz game based on blockchain that carries the same excitement and accolades as a popular pub trivia night. The questions are designed by professionals from different fields from all over the world.

The game is 100% free to download and comes without any annoying ads, which is a true game-changer for trivia lovers who often have to pay for premium versions or are bombarded with ads during gameplay. Players can compete for higher winnings by paying Mimir tokens as entry fees to live tournaments or as an added stake in 1vs1 duels against other players. Playing quiz games on Mimir became so simple and lucrative that it might as well become a breakthrough play-to-earn project that the crypto and quiz enthusiasts deserve.

Hold Mimir for decentralized governance and staking

Mimir focuses on user availability by creating a user-friendly wallet and incorporating Metamask wallets seamlessly for each new user account on the app. Mimir utilizes a collection of smart contracts that will give governance rights to holders. There will be one master ‘admin’ contract that has full control of the protocol contracts used for implementing information to be voted on. The Mimir DAO model makes it possible to make changes so deep as to even rewrite the rules of the governance model itself. A newly created voting proposal follows a simple life-cycle of being created, being voted on, and then after a 2-day delay, it will execute its contract code.

Mimir offers a staking function that enables token holders to lock in their tokens on a month-to-month basis in return for interest paid out in Mimir tokens, offering 0.3% interest per month for the first 18 months. After this period the interest may be higher or lower based on the Mimir Quiz apps user base and growth. When a user starts staking, the staked tokens are sent to the external Liquidity Provider pools, in return for providing liquidity and helping the price stability of Mimir, creating a very healthy token economic model where every action involving the Mimir token benefits its ecosystem. Furthermore, when a Mimir holder uses a token to buy an in-game item or pay an entry fee to a hosted event, the token goes into the Reward Pool. The Reward Pool will once per week empty its storage of tokens divided into 75% for the Mimir Staking Pool and 25% for the Mimir Prize Pool. There is also Mimir Prize Pool that goes into reserve storage for Prize payouts and as a company backup reserve.


MIMIR token is the main token of Mimir Quiz. It is an essential part of the company’s gaming ecosystem and is continuously recycled within the gaming community through innovative methods.


– Token name: Mimir Token

– Token ticker: $MIMIR (ᛗ)

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 100,000,000 $MIMIR

Use case:

– Enabling gameplay and entrance fee for entering tournaments

– Staking and DAO Governance

Token distribution:

Team members

Sons of Mim is a Swedish game studio created with the vision of developing knowledge games that are built with blockchain technology.




Mimir Token has been audited by Zokyo, one of the most reputable security and audit companies for Cryptocurrencies and tokens in the world. The game will soon be available on IOS and Android and has just recently been approved for publishing on Google Play.

Mimir Quiz Worldwide Release: Mimir Quiz is now available to download from Google Play and you can play the same game with the same account on web browser. App Store release is just around the corner.

Upcoming features and game modes will be released in December/January, details as below:

New Mimir Quiz games:
– 1vs1 games
– Points based quiz Games (instead of only elimination rounds)
– Popular vote quiz games

New features:
– FIAT & Crypto onramp
– Leaderboards (a new exciting feature)

The detailed roadmap extended until the end of 2022, with many more new stages to come.

Social Channels

Come visit Mimir and challenge your wits:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Final Thoughts

Trivia is the world’s most universal and proven game concept of all time and can attract a broad spectrum of people, which helps to diversify and strengthen the crypto community. Mimir’s future is looking hopeful, and investors should keep an eye out for this promising gaming project that is about to stir up the market.


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