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Lord Arena – A Worthy Strategy RPG Title for Blockchain Gamers

Lord Arena, an RPG game on the blockchain, is reconciling two major technological paragons of the digital age, blockchain and mobile gaming, to create a never-before-seen ecosystem of novel NFTs, valuable cryptocurrency, and appealing tactical gameplay.

About Lord Arena

Lord Arena is an action RPG and Play-to-Earn game on Binance Smart Chain. The game features a myriad of unique characters and the chance to earn tokens through tactical gameplay and active ecosystem engagement. Players can recruit Heroes that can be used to progress/level up in the game and fight against the enemies.

High-quality mobile gaming meets blockchain

The pandemic lockdown has been hard on us all, whether it’s been lifted or come back down again, there are still many restrictions on what people can do and how they can spend time, especially outdoors. Luckily, Lord Arena comes equipped with a mobile version available on both IOS and Android devices for a fun and convenient gaming experience for players to escape to a vivid new world while being confined in their own homes.

The goal of the game developers is to build a game that is easy to play and easy to earn. Regardless, Lord Arena has the potential to raise the bar for the standard mechanics of RPGs and will be a challenging game to master. But it is worth investing one’s time and effort to earn money while enjoying stunning comic book visuals, a decent control system, plenty of tactical combat, deep character customization to maximize their NFT value, and new plot lines to uncover. The gameplay has advanced graphics, intricate in-game details, images, characters, and equipment built with futuristic technology aspects to pay tribute to famous sci-fi movies.

Lord Arena has various game modes, including Campaign Mode, Story Quest, Endless Trial, Arena Of Champions, World Hunt, and Gacha System. There are also NFT Offerings opened for each new feature released for people who want to buy and experience the strongest NFT. Lord Arena allows Hero Merging by merging existing heroes in their collection to create a new hero and engage in PvP or Tournaments.

A valuable token to unlock exciting features

The LORDA Token ($LORDA) powers the Lord Arena ecosystem and is a key component to creating a rewarding and thriving game economy. LORDA token has cross-chain compatibility to SPL token on the Solana chain. Both networks that LORDA token operates on, Binance Smart Chain and Solana, are known for their scalability, reasonable gas fee, and fast transactions. As a result, transactions within the game are seamlessly integrated to make it easy for users to earn and play at the same time.

LORDA tokens can be used to gain opportunities for staking, which is a process that rewards users for holding certain digital assets. These tokens are locked up in secured and intricate smart contracts on a transparent and decentralized exchange. Users can earn a fraction of the earnings from the revenue generated by the platform. Earnings are then distributed to users, often directly into their wallets. Lord Arena has plans to release various staking vaults that allow token stakers to earn multiple rewards. When players stake their $LORDA (or their in-game NFT characters), they become eligible for these yields. Lord Arena is also introducing the farming function, a truly DeFi feature that allows users to place their tokens into liquidity pools (LP) in exchange for LP (Liquidity Pool) tokens. Moreover, users can hold NFTs to gain hash power and boost their mining ability to earn more $LORDA tokens. Players can also participate in daily quests, tournaments, or other in-game activities to earn various rewards, which may include in-game items that can help level up characters, and in turn, be traded on the NFT Marketplace for $LORDA tokens.

The LORDA token fuels the innovative play-to-earn mechanic of Lord Arena, but in order to successfully do that, it would need unwavering support from the players. After all, no cryptocurrency will have much worth without a vibrant user community giving it momentum.


LORDA token is the main token for the game.


– Token name: Lorda Token

– Token ticker: $LORDA

– Type: BEP-20/ SOL

– Network: Binance Smart Chain/Solana

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $LORDA

Use case:

– Buying and selling in-game items and NFTs in the Marketplace

– Staking and farming

Token distribution:

Team Members


The year 2022 will be filled with many important events for Lord Arena, for example, an INO, and in January 2022, the game developers will conduct an NFT sale at INO and release Beta Game.

Social Channels

Come visit Lord Arena’s social channels and see what’s in store:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Facebook

Final Thoughts

In 2021, Lord Arena achieved significant results with the completion of many big events such as IDO and listing, along with impressive partnerships. For the new year, Lord Arena is aiming to take strides with a detailed roadmap and should have gaming enthusiasts eager to jump on board.


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