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CryptoPiece – Raise the Jolly Roger with Your Own Crew of NFT Mercenaries

In the days of digital monetization, especially after two grueling years of Covid-19, we can all agree that investing should be for everybody, including people who have no experience with financial institutions, just so they can survive with a sufficient income. And a good game always makes it easier for newbies to get warmed up to a new concept. In came CryptoPiece, a promising project that can successfully endorse the gamification of investing.

About CryptoPiece

CryptoPiece is a unique Play-to-earn and NFT gaming project on Binance Smart Chain where players can gather their crews of mercenaries through a Mercenary Contract in the specially-designed Merc Center. The game is set at sea and revolves around pirates and treasures as the fierce army of bounty hunters sail their ships to go on exciting adventures. By capturing criminals in the Wanted list by the Government, players can earn Belly tokens and level up their gangs of savage mercenaries.

CryptoPiece Crew

NFT gaming is all the rage right now

The “play-to-earn” movement is heading towards the multi-billion-dollar mark as NFT gaming – an inevitable result thanks to the marriage of entertainment and blockchain – is growing more mainstream. More and more people are trading in-game items/currencies for cash and ultimately, NFT gaming can produce a decentralized universal basic income to ensure profit and equality for all in the digital age.

Engaging in NFT gaming means a player can be awarded one-of-a-kind items with verifiable ownership that can then be traded, bought, or sold freely on the market. This is exactly what CryptoPiece is after. Besides the eye-catching graphics and compelling gameplay, CryptoPiece wants to create a simple yet rewarding ecosystem of players, token holders, and investors. Its motto is simple: an NFT game that is dedicated to gamers, made by gamers and for gamers.

The fundamental point of NFT gaming is granting complete ownership of in-game assets to owners. In CryptoPiece, each mercenary is customizable with numerous options for skins or accessories and is 100% at the players’ liberty to sell and trade in the Marketplace. Who knows? One day these unique and irreplaceable in-game NFTs can be reborn as high-end collectors’ items as blockchain gaming are becoming one of the fastest-growing segments in the game industry.

Merc Center

Merc Center

CryptoPiece promotes P2E to help the thriving crypto community

CryptoPiece has a commitment towards the community and actively participates in the GameFi universe on blockchain. With CryptoPiece, work and play can become one as the game focuses on empowering players and giving them economic opportunities. People no longer have to stay on the grind and break their backs with 9-to-5 jobs because now they can sit back, feed their power fantasies with exciting P2E games, and watch the money roll in.

Players can easily buy a Mercenary through the Mercenary contract in Merc Center to get a random Mercenary NFT, ranging from Common to Godly rarity. They can gather mercenaries to form a Crew and begin scouring the sea, inject fear into the world, and take all the loot for themselves. The loot is in the form of Belly tokens, which can be used to recruit mercenaries, buy seed to plant for Devil Fruit in Tavern, or simply trade with other players in Marketplace. There is little to no gas fee required in the game.

In-game Marketplace

There are other game modes for players to explore and earn more. Hunting in Battlefield is a great way to get handsome rewards and level up the mercenaries to earn more, with the win rate ranging from 20%-85%, creating suspenseful gameplay. Players are encouraged to hold the tokens in their wallets to increase the winning rate. All in all, CryptoPiece generously rewards players with digital objects of real-world value and facilitates financial freedom for crypto supporters.

CryptoPiece Battlefield


$Belly is the native token of Crypto Piece.


– Token name: Belly

– Token ticker: $Belly

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $Belly

Use case:

– Used to purchase and upgrade the Mercenaries

– Used as rewards after each battle

– Staking

Token distribution:

cryptopiece belly token distribution

Team Members




CryptoPiece is launching the official IDO on December 15th, sponsored by LaunchZone, a well-established DeFi company with an extensive ecosystem including a successful launchpad.

Social Channels

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook

Final Thoughts

We are witnessing a whole new generation of gaming experiences with real-world economies and player incentives, thus CryptoPiece can be a piece of the puzzle to get people on board with crypto gaming. CryptoPiece is created by people who believe in building a sustainable GameFi community, and its launch will surely alert crypto supporters to pay attention and prepare to invest.


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