ArmzLegends – Curiously Entertaining and in A League of Their Own

Wrestling is one of the most famous casual games around the world. People can wrestle anyone anywhere just for a bit of fun and can even make new friends along the way. The idea to turn this exciting pastime to an one-of-a-kind lucrative blockchain game is how ArmzLegends was born.

About ArmzLegends

ArmzLegends is the first original arm wrestling Play-to-Earn NFT game on Binance Smart Chain. The goal of the game is to recruit the most powerful Armz (NFTs in the forms of different arms) in the universe and defeat legendary enemies. When users win, they will earn PROT tokens, which can be used to recruit more Armz into their army or upgrade the Armz.

The gaming is basic, easy to learn and master, and addictive. The ArmzLegends team is always finding ways to add more features and innovate the tokenomics to ensure players and investors enjoy the most benefit when engaging in the game.

A unique way to celebrate pop cultural icons on blockchain

Pop culture-inspired games can be considered a unique symbol of the evolving journey of gaming. ArmzLegends’ NFTs is loaded with references to the widely varied media that inspired it. Take a good look at the game’s banner and most people can recognize that it is a toilet paper fighting with Thanos, exuding a darkly humorous tone that goes well with the consumers’ inherent fascination with meme culture and the nature of fame in recent times. By paying tribute to popular media products, this blockchain game provides a larger and more interesting playground for the average gamer, which includes a more diverse range of people than ever before thanks to its debut on blockchain.

ArmzLegends indulges the consumer desire to celebrate pop cultural icons through the beautiful and striking pieces of artwork by the talented artist Naoki. And by only drawing the arms, players can try to guess which popular reference they came from, which creates a perfect little trivia fun for everyone. Each account can hold as many Armz as it wants. Players have the ability to improve the rarity of an Armz, which requires 3 Armz of the same rarity. There are levels of Armz rarity, which are Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Ultimate transparency and profitability for players

The ArmzLegends team feels it is essential to create a Tokenomics that is different from every other game currently on the market. The team decides to not hold any tokens at any time to suppress the greedy human nature and create the first win-win crypto. It is such a big flaw when the team has to sell their own tokens to get paid, and thus withdraw the liquidity that was brought by the players. It just doesn’t make sense and the only natural way that the creators should make money from their work is to benefit from a system of transparent fees. As a result, they will have absolutely no negative presence on the charts like selling pressure or possible FUD from players.

ArmzLegends’ main mission is to provide as many tokens as possible for the players and only for the players. All the features and the game are coded in real time which means that players will always pay a mint the same amount in dollars to ensure a really fair ecosystem. By participating in staking and locking tokens for 3 months, players automatically participate in the ArmzLegends lottery.

As for NFTs, players will never cease to be amazed by the creativity of ArmzLegends to produce fresh and new ideas for Armz NFTs in the future, which can all be traded on the in-game marketplace and are in 100% possession of the players. Thanks to the Armz’s one-of-a-kind design and high relatability to popular culture, their prices are likely to increase in the future.


$PROT is the native token of ArmzLegends. $PROT will be burned forever to make the token deflationary.


– Token name: Protein

– Token ticker: $PROT

– Token decimals: 18

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 10,000,000 $PROT

– Smart contract address: 0xd3c9609b6cbc6ef02390f33c230590c38f9e5f9d

Use case:

– PROT tokens are used to purchase and upgrade Armz

– Used as rewards after each battle and lottery

– Staking

Token distribution:

Team members

– William – CEO: William originated as a developer and has launched several successful companies as CEO, particularly mobile apps. He has been passionate about blockchain and cryptos since 2012, and recently decided to marry his two passions to launch projects on blockchain.

– Matteo – CTO: Matteo is the CTO of most of William’s projects. When William asked him to join in on this new adventure, he immediately said yes and took the lead on the Frontend and Blockchain.

– Max – CMO: He worked in the marketing department of this first travel company for 3 years. Max has been a crypto investor since 2018 and was looking to get an opportunity to work on a game in blockchain.

– Zachary – Web3 Developer: An experienced blockchain developer who has worked on several Ethereum projects, mainly in NFT and DeFi.

– Naoki – Artist: A talented draughtsman, without his pencil stroke, ArmzLegends would certainly not be as visually successful.


ArmzLegends recent listing on PancakeSwap on November 2nd has reaped many successes.

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Final Thoughts

ArmzLegends is written by people who believe in the complete fairness of blockchain enough to take their payment in the form of transparent fees and not directly from the token supply. It is a project created by passionate crypto users, for crypto users.


Writers’ opinions are solely their own and do not constitute any financial advice, investment advice or trading advice.

BSC Army strongly recommends that you do your own research and seek professional advice from a financial advisor where appropriate.


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