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AMA Recap: Heroes TD


Basic information

  • Time: November 19th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Heroes TD
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Phong Dinh | CEO of HeroesTD
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products & Services
    • Part 4: Tokenomics
    • Part 5: Security
    • Part 6: Roadmap
    • Part 7: Marketing Strategy
    • Part 8: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce yourself a little bit and also the vision of your project?

Phong: Hello everybody my name is Phong, I’m the CEO of Heroes TD. Heroes TD is a tower defense game in which you can defend your base by using the NFT Heroes and attack the enemy’s base. You bring 5 Heroes, 5 rows as a deck into a match, summon them and place them on the board. That defends your base and also to attack your enemy’s base. The gameplay is very simple but it would be very interesting to master because each time the Heroes will be random. As you play the game, everything will be very unpredictable so that would be more interesting. About our vision, we, CG Studio are traditional game makers which have more than 10 years experience in making games. With Blockchain becoming more mature, we think it would be a very interesting chance for us to make a game that everybody actually owns. We think Blockchain will change the gaming industry so we took the challenge and we started making the Heroes Metaverse in which the Heroes from Heroes Metaverse will join Heroes TD. After Heroes TD, we also have other projects so with Blockchain, players can transfer NFTs from this game to another game. We think it would be a very good opportunity for everyone to participate in gaming and also to know more about the play tournament and the crypto technology.

2. Can you tell the story behind the name of Heroes TD? Where did you get the inspiration? Where did it all start?

Phong: Heroes TD is quite a simple name because it’s a tower defense game so TD stands for tower defense. Every one of us has enjoyed playing games since we were very young. Tower defense is one of the genres that attracts us and it’s quite interesting to us. After we have experienced and have been making all the strategy or casual games, one day we think maybe it’s time for us to start making some tower defense games. That’s how we started the tower defense genre of our studio. When NFT games, Blockchain become more mature, the Heroes Metaverse comes and that’s how Heroes TD came from the traditional tower defense game and the Heroes Metaverse.

Part 2: TEAM

3. Would you like to introduce your team as well as how many members are there that are working together right now? How do they contribute to Heroes TD?

Phong: Currently we have more than 60 members that’s working for Heroes TD. We have a lot of experience in making games, more than 10 years. Our CEO, Mr. Hai Nguyen has more than 15 years in making games. For me, I have more than 10 years making and publishing games. Our CMO has more than 12 years in digital marketing and 6 years in gaming marketing. Each of us is specialized in our special field. Beside the in-house team, we also have partners who are working with us to improve the game’s ability to improve what we are lacking like communities, how we are going to market and the security of the Blockchain technology and many more. That’s how we are currently working together to make Heroes TD the best game.


4. What kind of features and products are the specialties of Heroes TD right now that you guys are offering to the market?

Phong: What we are trying to do is to provide a game that can be a transition between non-crypto players and crypto players. Like other NFT games, when the players want to participate in games, they have to purchase or invest an amount of money to get the NFT in the game so they can start. That would be quite a difficult start for non-crypto players, the traditional gamers. What we’re trying to do is to provide a Free to Play game in which the player can actually participate, they’ll just download the game, start playing and earning immediately and explore the features inside the game. When they need to extract their earnings, they will need to dig deeper into the crypto technology to create a wallet and get their income in the wallet. Then they can start trading in the marketplace. What we’re trying to do is make it smoother for non-crypto players, normal gamers to get used to the crypto technology and NFT games. With that, they can also start earning from what they have invested and what they have been spending the time playing and summoning the Heroes.

5. When did you guys start the idea of moving the game to the metaverse which is also one of the hottest trends that are happening right now in the crypto space?

Phong: Heroes TD is not a new game. We already have three iterations before Heroes TD and Heroes TD is the fourth iteration of our tower defense game changer. The gameplay of Heroes TD is not from scratch, only the Heroes and the Heroes Metaverse are made specifically for Heroes TD. Officially, we started more than a year ago. We have already been preparing for Heroes TD for quite a while now. We already have the latest state of the game and we’re going to release the alpha version soon.

6. Do you think that joining the trend will make the project be overshadowed by other projects who are also doing the metaverse? Do you have any plan to make it stand out of the crowd and make it even more shinier than now?

Phong: We are not trying to compete with anyone. What we are trying to do is to make our product as good as possible. From the outside, we try to make our community, polish our product, improve our quality. As we improve our quality, our customers, the gamers and also the crypto investors will enjoy the product and stay with us. That is what we’re actually looking for and it will help us to make the product last longer. I think in the end, what really matters is what the product can offer so that’s what we’re trying to do well.


7. How is your tokenomics distributed?

Phong: I can list you the full details of our tokonomics. We have 2% for public sale, 12% for private sale, 20% for team, 13% for marketing, 3% for reserve, 22% for stacking reward, 23% for Play to Earn reward and 5% for liquidity. Some highlights for the tokenomics is that for public sale, we will have 100% unlocked at TGE so as you participate in our IDO, when you claim the token, you claim 100% of what you already bought. That’s one of the highlights. The next one is the core team, we have 20% for the core team. In the tokonomics, we have specifically locked core team for 1 year and then unlocked for the next 4 years. This is to show everybody that we are committed to this project and we really want it to last long and be with us for a long time. As you can see in our tokenomics, we have 22% for staking reward and 23% for Play to Earn reward, so almost half of the tokonomics is for the gamers. That’s what we are trying to do to have games for everybody to play and actually earn their share.


8. Since there’s a lot of projects that are scammers, users would be very concerned about this problem. How would you say to guarantee that your security system works best for your users and to improve their experience by playing the game?

Phong: As traditional game makers, we’re quite used to having hackers like cheaters trying to change the game so we pay a lot of attention to the security of our project. We already partner with Verichains to audit all the smart contracts to ensure the security of the smart contracts first. For scammers, that is one of the reasons that we started Heroes TD because some projects which come from Vietnam are becoming scammers. This is making the real game making industry of Vietnam lose its reputation on the world stage. Us, the ones who actually make a living by making games, that reputation affects us a lot. That’s why we decided to make a high quality game for crypto, for the NFT games and also to take on the Heroes Metaverse, the metaverse trend to have high quality games so everybody can play and change what they are thinking regarding the game makers who come from Vietnam.


9. Where are you guys on the road map right now? How has the team been building up? How has business been going? Did you guys face any challenges in the past? What are the solutions for it?

Phong: Currently, we are at the MVP stage already. In December, we’re going to start the alpha test. By Q1 of 2022, we will have the beta test and the full release. For more details, you can check out our roadmap on our Whitepaper and website. For difficulties, so far, we start quite slow at the beginning. As traditional game makers, making a transition to NFT game makers is quite difficult for us because we don’t know anything about crypto at that time. After a while, we just started to get used to it to know more about crypto and how it works, how NFT games work. Eventually, we made it through. Now, we have achieved quite a lot of achievements. We already have 100,000 followers on Telegram. We have more than 60,000 followers on Discord and on other channels as well. On Twitter, we have 90,000 followers already. It’s everything we built within one month.

10. What are the goals ahead right now? What are you guys focusing on the most in the next few months or even in the next year for Heroes TD?

Phong: For the next few months, we will focus on publishing our product to make it as complete as possible and security as stable as possible. For next year, what we’re trying to do is to build up our communities to reach as many users as possible and go to other regions. Not only in Southeast Asia, we’ll go to Japan, Korea, Russia and also Europe, South America and then the USA. We are going to target the east region and spread our outreach for next year and also to host some tournaments for the players of each region to join and play together to experience what Heroes TD is about.


11. What’s your strategy to attract more new users as well as keep the loyal users excited over time and grow the community even more and improve their experience?

Phong: Currently, we already have some Bounty Campaigns for our communities and our friends, our partners community that’s called the Friendster Campaign. In the future, we’ll have the Ambassador Campaign in which there will be some ambassadors from each region who will manage their region and manage their community. We also have some custom NFT Heroes for each region depending on their cultures. We also have some local tournaments that the ambassador can host for their communities to have a mini tournament for each region so everybody can play together and enjoy Heroes TD. What we really want is to provide entertainment for everybody, they can earn it from playing Heroes TD and get what they have invested.


12. Is it necessary to have $HTD to get started in the game or do you have a game mode in which we can collect $HTD with the minimum investment to start playing?

Phong: As I said in the beginning, what we aim for is to have a game where everybody can start playing immediately without having to invest. Players can download the game from Google Play or App Store and just start playing immediately. There will be five basic Heroes in which they can start playing and explore Heroes TD and Heroes Metaverse and see if the game is what they are looking for or not. Then, they can earn the in-game token, $CGC, as well. If they are a good player, they can climb the leaderboard and earn $HTD. When they already have some runnings, they can start getting into the crypto part of the game, create a wallet and get the tokens out to their wallet. In Heroes TD, players can actually start playing without having to invest anything. After you have experienced the game, fight basic Heroes, if you want to improve your deck, improve your Heroes, you have to get some NFT Heroes. You can get them from the marketplace then you can put them into your game and put it into your deck and start playing with them. There’s no upgraded Heroes in Heroes TD. As you get the Heroes, it will be the same forever. If you want to improve your deck, you will have to look for better Heroes that suit your strategy or what you are looking for in the marketplace. There will be more than two billion variants of any NFT Heroes that you can choose. Maybe you’d like to have SSR, the super super rare Heroes, or maybe you’d like to have just a kind of priority of rare Heroes but with a good combination of the team. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

13. Poor liquidity is one of the problems of NFT trading. What solutions do you have to ensure liquidity for users as well as create a vibrant market?

Phong: From what I’m understanding, for Heroes TD, because we have more than two billion variants of NFT Heroes, there will be no limit on the numbers of NFT Heroes that can be traded and summoned in the marketplace. What’s important in Heroes TD really depends on what you are looking for in Heroes TD. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the liquidity for $HTD, not the NFTs, we have a lot of partners and backers that are quite strong in the capital and the market. We believe that with our team, our backers, the investors will put more trust into us to ensure $HTD, our token, will be more stable and improve and last for a long time.

14. Currently there are many games about Heroes. So what is the difference between Heroes TD and other games?

Phong: In Heroes TD, the most important part is PvP. The players actually have to match and fight with other players to earn more $CGC in our game. Because of the game’s characteristics, everything is almost totally random inside the match, there will be no bots in Heroes TD and the players will have to play and decide how they’re going to play. On the strategy part, we have a lot of different mixtures of the Heroes. Every time you match with the players, it will be a brand new experience because you will not know what your opponents’ strategy is going to be. Everything will be quite unpredictable and it will be a new experience for every match.

Kristen: What is the representative character of Heroes TD that you guys are most proud about?

Phong: As we build Heroes Metaverse, each of the Heroes have their own character, their whole story and backstory. To say we are proud of one hero is not true. We are proud of all the Heroes made by us and each one of them will have their own story so each of them will be different to others.

15. The Heroes TD game’s criterion is “Serving the community”. So, what activities have the team planned to maximize the benefits to both players and investors?

Phong: As for the other games, maybe they are going for other NFT games, they are thinking of the other way but for us, the traditional game makers, the game is the service. As the community plays and enjoys the games, there will be more players, there will be more opportunities for us to have more investment from the players. Also, it will help the investors to gain their shares because for products that have many players, there will be a lot of opportunities for them to gain more revenue, get more shares. For the communities, they also can play and earn $CGC and sell it to other players on the marketplace. Let’s say each part of the game will have their own revenue shares and income. For us, the one who provides the service, we will build up the communities and provide the marketplace for everybody to enjoy and trade.

Kristen: What have you guys been considering to make the game easier for newbies that just came to this whole market, this whole space for the first time? What solutions have you guys have for them?

Phong: For Heroes TD, the gameplay is not that difficult. There will be only one button for the players to play. As you go into the match, you will press just one button to summon the Heroes on the deck. Every time you press the button, you’ll summon a new random one and if you have the same star Heroes in the match, you can merge them and get a higher star Hero. The gameplay is actually very simple and everybody can play it. However, it’s easy to play but quite hard to master. Everything depends on your decisions when you’re playing the game. You cannot apply one same strategy to every game and you cannot apply one team to every game. As the players enjoy Heroes TD, they will slowly have to figure out which Hero has which kind of attributes and what is the combination that would be the best fit for their strategy. That’s how they’re going to explore and get used to the game. We will also have the tutorial in the game for the newbies, they can just follow the tutorials and they’ll get used to it in no time.

Kristen: What do you think is the major difference from the traditional game and the game that collapsed with Blockchain, with DeFi? What would they be most confused about?

Phong: For non-crypto gamers, what they will be most confused about is how they’re going to create a wallet, how they’re going to start playing. For me, before we made Heroes TD, we also are non-cryptos and to be crypto players, we have to understand what crypto is and put some money into it, invest and buy something. Then you can play and that is what the non-crypto players can never understand. For them, games are for playing and we already have a lot of Free to Play games in the market, why would we have to invest in something before we can play. That’s what doesn’t really make sense for games and that’s how we approached Heroes TD. The players can actually play at the beginning and when they get used to it, they will want to extract the earnings to have a stronger deck. They will have to learn to create the wallet, learn how to invest and learn to get into crypto.

16. Do you have a Whitepaper? If yes, please share it. Secondly, do you have plans for a pre-sale? Where can we join it?

Phong: We have a Whitepaper, it is listed on “”. As for the pre-sales, we’re going to do the IDO soon, it will be done on the 28th of November. We’ll do IDO on various launchpads like KAIStarter, LaunchZone, MEXC, BSCStation. You can visit our homepage for the IDO.


Up to now, Heroes TD has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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