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AMA Recap: Crypto Piece

Basic information

  • Time: 11th December, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Crypto Piece
  • Host: Henry from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Jenny Pham | CMO of Crypto Piece
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project Overview
    • Part 2: Tokenomics
    • Part 3: Roadmap
    • Part 4: Community
    • Part 5: Community Q&A



1. Can you introduce yourself and your position in the project?

Jenny: Thank you Henry, maybe some of the viewers from there can know some information about myself because I appeared some days ago as a CMO for the project and my name is Jenny Pham and I’m nearly 40 years old, and actually, I have been working in the blockchain as a kind of investor for the bitcoin and other cryptos since 2014 and I have some experience in such kind of blockchain industry for some years and I also have chance and opportunities to work with some international and private state investors so far, for example, the DDK and recently I worked with the DNDC, the crypto league Vietnam and some other fans around the world and in Vietnam also and since the beginning of this 2021 I joined with the Crypto Piece and working with this project as a CMO for them

2. Could you please tell more information about Crypto Piece and also the vision of the project as well?

Jenny: Crypto Piece is the same to other game today,it is a kind of NFT game and we are working for the member who can play the games to relax with the game and also can earn the money from the games, that is very common in blockchain nowadays. However, for Crypto Piece, we developed this project based on the story based on the story and the games also follow with the story so when you play the game, you experience with the story in the game and that is the different from other typical part of this project and how about other things, we also have the NFT inside the games and but actually that is the limited supply of NFT. It is not the limit list or something same other project in the market and we also have the token. So that is a little information about the project so I think that in the next part of the AMA today we will dig more information about the project by another question.

3. What is the vision of your project and also the mission that you why do you want to make the game?

Jenny: As I just explained to you and the members who are watching our AMA today normally when the traditional gamers, when they play the game, they have to pay a lot of money to buy the items from the games and they enjoy and relax with the game and the game are so much interesting for them so we know that the game islike the traditional games like playing the game but the games must be very interesting and also we know that the people need to make money or earn money. So we develop the Crypto Piece and combine two factors: the first thing is to satisfy the gamers or the players and the second thing is to help the gamers or the players to earn money that either the vision of the strategy same with other projec. But that is the vision and we also want to develop this project towards the community. I mean the people who join with us will get the benefits of profits from this project and we are working hard to serve the community to serve the members to serve the players who enjoy with us who join with this project that is the vision and the mission of this project Crypto Piece

4. Can you give more details about your team and how do you work together to develop Crypto Piece?

Jenny: the reason why I decided to work with the Crypto Piece,t he most important thing is because of the dev team, I mean they’re the people who participate in this project because for me the people are the key factor for any success and inside the Crypto Piece we have very experienced people I mean that from the founder, who has a lot of experience in the blockchain and in the gaming industry. He is leading the team and together with his support and the leadership. We also have other members who are so much experienced in their artists in the marketing and in the designing and all of us have the same purpose, same target and the same orientation that is developing this game for the community, because of the community. So we share the target, share the same purpose so we gather together so that is the thing I like from the Crypto Piec, we seem like the united organization and I like I like that team too much

so what about your partner is that Crypto Piece is having partnership with many organizations, if members who are watching this live stream and you follow with our official channels like the website the telegram or twitter you will see some famous face in the crypto in Vietnam and in international as well. So I must say that we have some strategic partners like the BSC Army or LaunchZone is also our strategic partner, and we also work with CRVN capital or the Crypto League and we also have the support from some advisors like mr Christ Tran the CEO the Co-founder of the FAM Central and other members are the other names from the VNDC they are supporting us and they are not only how to say not only famous in vietnam but also very famous in international. They support and help many projects successful in the future, in the past and I hope with their support and their partnership, we can get the success in the near future so that is what I want to share with you about our partners.


5. Can you tell me about your tokenomics?

Jenny: I think many investors and gamer are waiting for this information. Actually inside our website we also mentioned about the tokenomics and other thing very detailed but here with you and other members who are watching us one more time can share with you, that is the tokennomic of our project named $BELLY token and we supply 1 billion tokens to the market and actually the $BELLY token to be used at the currency inside the game and when the players do the mission inside the game they can get the reverse of the the $BELLY token and we also have the plan to do the IDO on LaunchZone by the 15th December 2021 and I think that is a very big event for the investor and the gamers and I do hope that the members who are watching us today can catch up with the latest news from us and don’t miss the IDO on the 15th December 2021 and if you want to know more information about the tokenomics like the vesting, there are how many percentage for the investor, advisors or the private and IDO,… you can go to our website and you can check that information. We publish very clearly.


6. Do you have any further plans that you want to share with us about the beta test and when the game is released?

Jenny: Actually I want to share with you and other members that the version one of our game nearly finished already and the IDo to be released on the 15 December as I just mentioned and after we list on the Pancake, so the people and the investor can do the exchange freely. So you should follow with our information and don’t miss the chance. That is the first thing, the first version of our game and we are doing with version 2 of our game and we plan to release the version 2 of our game and that is a very promising version and I’m sure that the version 2 is so interesting and exciting for the gamers and players and we will release by the first quarter of 2022 on computer version and by the second quarter of 2022 we will publish the game the version 2 on the mobile. And another thing very interesting is in the third quarter of 2022 we will release our own blockchain and the games will be run on that blockchain and especially when we do the games on that blockchain, our private blockchain, you no need to pay the gas fee. So that is the short-term plan of our project that I want to share with you


7. How do you enlarge your community and also how do you spread out the information about crypto peace to other people not only in Vietnam not only in Southeast Asia but also in many parts of the world?

Jenny: For any project, it is very important for us to to get the new users to publish the project to many people as we can so the marketing campaign is so important for us. So first of all, I have to say that now we have some marketing campaign on marketing plans already, for example what we will do to attract the traditional gamers to Crypto Piece and that not only in vietnam but many countries in the world, we have a lot of traditional gamers, they don’t know about the game, the one they miss about the crypto one, so we need to public or think we need to educate or need to accept the traditional gamers or the players and introduce to them. So we are doing that by doing the partnership with many international and local. I mean the Vietnamese partners and through that channel we can access to the new users that is the first the first way of doing the marketing. And the second thing, we are doing many videos on Youtube channels or the Tiktok, so by this kind of marketing, we can get more new users to the project that is the second thing. And the third thing we are working with some foreign marketing expert, they give us some proposal how we can develop or how we can public the project outside Vietnam and I am receiving a lot of proposals here and they give me a lot of interesting information and I think that they are useful for us and in the very short time we will enter a lot of countries not only in the Southeast Asia, but in many other countries in the world. So that is the three things I want to share with you about the marketing strategies or marketing plan of Crypto Piece at this moment.

8. How do you solve the problem of language barrier?

Jenny: If you follow with the project on the member who are watching , we are having eight sub channels in different languages right now, for example the Spanish, the Chinese, the Filipino and the Indonesia. So I think that in the short term we will develop more channels in different foreign language to support other other countries around the world to publish this project to the people. So how we can do that of course we need to the support from the local people and as I mentioned to you, we are working with the local people in many countries around the world and many marketing specialists are sending to me a lot of proposals and they are willing to support us to develop our project in their country. So that is what we are doing now by connecting with the local people local investor


9What are the plans for the global expansion? Are you focusing on marketing at this time or focusing on building on developing and getting customer and user so what is the priority of the project at this moment?

Jenny: This question have a lot of how to say a lot of small a lot of smart questions. So as I just mentioned in my talk to you about our plan to approach to other countries around the world so I repeat again. We not only focus or develop this game inside Vietnam but we have our planner ready to develop this game to other countries around the world and one of the first one of the first thing we are doing right now is to approach to some countries around the world by building the community first because we need to help the community first and then we can bring the project to them and thanks to the current community so we can get or attract the newcomers so that is the first answer. And the second part of the the question is that right now a we are focusing on all aspects you mentioned in the question actually, yet it is not the the small job, it’s the huge job for us, for the team but we need to do all at the same time. I mean that we need to have support from the strategic partner because they are the bridge for us to contact or to connect with the new users. So we are working with many new partners also not only in Vietnam but also many international investors on the investment fund in the world, so we are doing with them and we also focusing on developing our version two of the game I mean about the technique, about the technique of the blockchain of the game, I mean about their the core things of the games and we also want to develop their the community by building it bigger and bigger as I mentioned so far. So I have to say with you that a little how to say a little makes big job but we need to cover everything we need to do everything. So I summarize that we are doing many things to this project and we also do many job at the same time like what you are mentioning.

10. Can you tell us about the motivation and the interest of investor in the project in the long term?

Jenny: About the motivation and interest for the investor, so for the investor the most important thing for the investor is money profit right. So for the investor, the interest or the motivation is that the Crypto Piece is a kind of an NFT game and we are same with other gameFi in the market. However as I mentioned, the first thing we are different from other competitors in the market is the energy in our project is limited supply we only have 20 000 NFT, so when you join with the project so the entity is limited so that the value of NFT will increase. When the NFT inside the game is sold out, so the people need to buy from other people so the value of the price of an NFT will step by step gradually increase so it will be the good point for the investor. So that is the first thing and the second thing about the token, $BELLY token, we also have very good schedule of the vesting. So if you follow with the project you will see the schedule is so clear. So you will not scare about the inflation. That is the good point for the investor if they want to join a gameFi like the Crypto Piece, so I’m sure that the investor will have a lot of benefits from this project

11. If Crypto Piece takes into account the case that there will be no new player where will the external revenue come from to be able to maintain and develop the game?

Jenny: I have to say that because not only for Cryptopia but many projects we need the loyal players or the loyal gamers and we also need the the loyal investor who go along with the project for long term, not in the short term and at the same time, we need the charge the community from the gamers from the investor that is the first thing. The second thing we also need to from our side, we need to develop to attract more new cameras so that together doing two job well so I think that we will remain or develop the project or the game successfully becaus outside we have a lot of games we have have a lot of competitors, but as I told you about the limited supply of the NFT and also the support from the current community, and also about our expansion to many countries around the world, so I think that we can maintain, we can develop the project for long term, we will not die soon or something as he or she mentioned.

12. The metaverse is a trend right now, so does Crypto Piece want to follow the trend by putting in VR and also join into metaverse?

Jenny: Actually we are thinking about it and maybe in the near future you will hear some news about this kind of information. I cannot not how to say this cloud the a little secret but actually I have to say that we also follow and catch up with the update of the market. We follow with the demand of the market and we follow with the trend and I cannot deny about their metaverse or their virtual gaming experience so I do hope that in the future, in some days later you will see or know some information about about us whether we have such feature or not, but I cannot tell you or share with you now but yeah we will follow with the trend.

13. Many projects fail because they do not understand their target audience and their customer so I want to ask who is the most targeted customer for your project?

Jenny: We are targeting to the two kinds of customer, the first customer is the crypto or the gameFi players that is the first clients or the first customer, who know about the crypto already, who know about the gameFi already, who know about later on already who know about the blockchain about the crypto everything like what we are doing right now, so we are serving we are targeting to them by satisfying them like come to Crypto Piece, you don’t need to pay the gas fee when you’re playing the game except when you’re buying the NFT. That is what we are doing to attract the customer for the customers who know about the crypto, and at this at the same time we also have to save you also public. The project to the traditional gamers and by how, or like what for the traditional gamers they enjoy the game because the traditional game are so exciting and they are willing to pay a lot of money to buy the items inside the traditional games but now if we build or if we come up with the version of the game can satisfy them, that can can bring them with their beautiful excellent experience inside the game, so I believe that the tradition again will enjoy with the Crypto Piece and that is what we are doing the with the version 2 of our game. We bring this version to the one and two to the gamer now with the very exciting experience and and we also public to the traditional game. That is what we are doing so we target to the current crypto gamer and also attract to the traditional gamer by introducing to them the version 2 of our game and they are so promising


Up to now, Crypto Piece has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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