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What are Guild Games?


A community of gamers who play one or more games is known as a guild. You may have encountered game communities (guild games) in daily life, such those for FIFA Online 4, League of Legends, and others, where players may find new teammates or share valuable experience and other information.

The formation of Guilds to connect players is inevitable as more and more Blockchain games emerge from the market. A game cannot be enjoyable without a sense of community and competition, combat, the satisfaction of victory while playing with others, etc. 

Despite the fact that both blockchain games and traditional games are in the gaming industry, there are still significant distinctions between them. As a result, there are certain disparities between the roles of blockchain guild games and traditional guild games.

The role of Guild Games

Guild Games play a crucial role in the crypto realm. To start with, Guild Games provide the crucial function of connecting the gaming community, as described above. 

Secondly, they assist Gamers in being acquainted with Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Playing video games is very easy, but using Games on Blockchain demands players to be familiar with non-custodial wallets, login procedures, security, trading on DEX, depositing and withdrawing on CEX, and other related topics. Although these are fundamental concepts in crypto, it takes a lot of time for a normal gamer to grasp them all. As a result, Guild Games will serve as a resource for gamers to learn more about Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Thirdly, Guild Games provide feasible ways for new players to enter into the field of blockchain games. Axie, Thetan, Lands of Kingdoms, etc. are just a few examples of the majority of blockchain games that demand players to invest a few hundred dollars in order to participate. This is not a tiny sum of money. Because of this, the Games Guild will give scholarships as initial funding so that gamers can access games without charge and make money off of their gaming activities. 

Additionally, there are hundreds of games available on the market, many of which are scams that were created merely to capitalize on a fad rather than to create something new. Guild Games assists players in selecting the greatest, most lucrative games to play.

And last but not least, investors can be brought to the gaming market through Guild Games. Many investors are drawn to the game industry and want to invest in games, but since not everyone has the time to play games, they can invest in Guilds, which will then distribute the money to players and provide them the means to play games and make money. In other words, Game Guild enables investors to invest indirectly in video games.

Why are Guild Games gaining popularity?

Due to the expansion of incentives in the gaming industry—specifically, the release of numerous Play-To-Earn games that let users make money while playing—Guild Games are growing in popularity. This started a new trend where individuals play video games for money as well as for fun, which helped many people in need of employment during the recent Covid pandemic. 

In the Blockchain game, earning money is the primary objective and takes precedence over having fun. More incentives result from more game launches, which attracts more players. Afterward, this will help games launch. This is the games industry’s current flywheel, and Guild Games serves as a catalyst to quicken the aforementioned development process.

Users are invaluable to blockchain games, and Guild Games have them. Guild players are highly skilled, well-trained, and able to work well in teams, thus they can bring millions of users to any game in just one night. Obviously, this would bring a major benefit to games.

Guild Games to join the Metaverse

The interoperability of games is one of the intriguing aspects of Blockchain Games. Games may connect with each other easily using lines of code, whereas traditional games require a lot of agreement and signing, making interaction exceedingly difficult. 

The Metaverse Game universe is open to Guild Games’ full participation. As an illustration, Yield Guild Games offers an NFT dubbed “Founder’s Sword” for the first members of the community. What if this “sword” could become an item in other games?  This is absolutely feasible, provided that Yield Guild Games works in tandem with the games they invest in and that these games collaborate by adding a few lines of code to allow the NFT Sword to play in their game.

The idea of “composability” is particularly intriguing because it creates an infinite space. Users have observed the interaction of numerous Protocols in DeFi, which opens up an economy that is completely different from traditional finance and offers additional advantages (high liquidity, optimization of capital, etc.). Therefore, the combination is also possible in the game industry.


It’s obvious that Guild Games has a lot of room to develop given the success of GameFi. However, there are not many guild scholarships available. The largest guild at the moment is Yield Guild Game, however it only has about 10,000 scholarships. People have traditionally worked in communities, both in the past and the present. And one of the fundamental components for bringing players together in earlier games was the use of guilds. This functionality has obviously never been out of date. 

Additionally, there are far more GameFi users than there are Guild scholarships overall. Because of this, despite the Yield Guild Game’s size, the array is still fairly fertile for guilds to compete for people and win. As a result, Guild Game will continue to prosper. Furthermore, it is highly likely that solutions to the Guild Game’s challenges will emerge. And with investments being made, this is another area that needs to be carefully considered.

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