Heron Asia – One of the first tokenized hospitality projects, which opened the creative era of NFT, EcoFi and GameFi

We are approaching the last quarter of 2021, and the world has shown that the COVID-19 pandemic has been partly controlled by vaccination. The economy is gradually reopening, and our lives are returning to a more normal pace. As the tourism industry is expected to recover significantly, many places in Vietnam are set to reopen for fully-vaccinated international and domestic visitors in the near future. With a lot of dedication, passion, and commitment, Pi Edutainment Global Limited decided to deploy a project named Heron Eco Retreat ($HERON), the first ‘ReDeFining Wealth’ vacation sanctuary developed in Vietnam. This would be the first commercially viable way to embrace the trend of NFTs in the hospitality industry.

Heron Asia – ReDeFining Wellness Retreat

On October 30th, 2021, the team will launch a crowd-funding campaign for the first-ever tokenized eco retreat. There are two rounds of token sales, with a total supply of 235,000,000 $HERON. On that day, 13,000,000 $HERON will be available for public purchase through the LZPad IDO (Initial DEX Offering).

Heron’s Allocation

The Heron core team’s ambition is to create a project in which all investors may participate and watch the place develop from a concept to a beautiful and tranquil wellness sanctuary. Besides, tokenized eco retreat creates real investment opportunities for small to medium investors with limited financial resources.

The leading experts of Heron

$HERON holders can stake their tokens in exchange for $HERON-NFTs, which can be converted into vouchers to be claimed for accommodation at the Heron Retreat over the following 15 years. And of course the benefits do not stop here. In November, 2021 LaunchZone will launch their strategic product – LZ Farm, an interactive farm-simulation online game. This opens up a new way for investors to stake $HERON through LZ Farm and gain $LZP tokens, which can then be exchanged for points to be used in the Farmstay Heron.asia ecosystem.

Z Farm – an interactive farm-simulation online game

Public investors might have a significant ROI up to 311.04% over 15 years, according to the project’s estimated calculation. With the aim of optimizing investor’s experience, owning $HERON not only allows access to the future expanding Heron Retreat series, but also the Heron Marketplace, where holders can:

* Convert $HERONNFT into accommodation vouchers

* Stake $HERONNFT on LZ Farm to receive more $LZP tokens

* Book Room & Services in the form of digitalized proof of services (NFTs)

* Enjoy Integrated Payment System with fiat payment gateways and multiple supported crypto wallets

Heron is your ultimate destination for wellness

Heron Eco Retreat is located at Thach That Town, next to Co Dung Lake, surrounded by greenery with lake views, only a 45-minute drive from Hanoi center. The retreat sanctuary promises to preserve and recreate

You’ll find complete privacy, tranquility, and serenity with Heron

70% of the indigenous vegetation, aiming to “reconnect with Mother Nature without compromising on luxury.”

Heron Eco Retreat offers sustainable wellness and investment solutions by applying DeFi, NFT, and GameFi into the hospitality industry.

If you want to breathe crisp mountain air beneath a canopy of gold, or just want to find a few things that inspire slow living and self-care, like cozying up in the relatively pristine natural environment. You’ve come to the right place.



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