FootballStars – An Amazing NFT Marketplace for Football Fans

We all might know Football as the “King of sport” for years. In many different countries, football has an essential role in life for its fans and community. However, football fans all over the world are suffering from a lack of experience due to the ongoing pandemic recently.

On the other side, BlockChain technology has drawn massive attention like never before. Every day, we see the news in many different media channels, tweets from influencers around the world. They are talking about BlockChain, CryptoCurrency, and its utilization. Among that, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) were mentioned as a typical example.

By chance, FootballStars is made to bring the traditional football world and BlockChain Technology together. This is an excellent combination of football fans and blockchain enthusiasts. FootballStars helps to enable the fans more accessibility to the football world by leveraging NFTs. It makes the world of football more enjoyable and accessible to fans. Even though FootballStars was just introduced on Mid-May 21, the community has grown rapidly on the number of token holders and social media signals.

About FootballStars

FoodballStars is a community lead Decentralized and NFT project. It is developed on Binance Smart Chain. Its mission is to connect fans and real-life Football Stars together and quickly become the leading of the sports blockchain platform.

In the BlockChain industry for quite a while, we have noticed that FootballStars is not the first project about Football. In fact, there are quite many Football+NFT projects, which are FC Barcelona Fan Token, Juventus Fan Token, etc. However, FootballStars is taking a different approach to its fans. It’s bringing the real footballers into the community by partnership with them, allowing the fans to connect to their heroes like never before.

About FootballStars Token ($FTS)

$FTS is the utility token that is used to drive the whole FTS ecosystem.

  • Network: BSC BEP20
  • Smart Contract: 0x6507458bb53aec6be863161641ec28739c41cc97
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
  • Current supply: 844,272,156,079


FTS token features a 1% reflection tax. FTS holders will share 1% reflection tax proportionally. It means FootballStars members can receive passive income by just holding FTS tokens on their wallets. This is a great feature as it helps holders to maintain their position in FTS while growing it.

Besides, the FTS token also features an additional 5% tax for constantly adding to the liquidity pool. It helps to keep security for members that have invested in FTS.

Although the value of the FTS token grows through trading, there will be adding value and advantages stem. This will be from its upcoming use case in the Football 2.0 Marketplace.

Token Distribution:

  • 400,000,000,000 FTS Private Sale
  • 350,000,000,000 FTS Liquidity
  • 150,000,000,000 FTS Marketing
  • 100,000,000,000 FTS Project DEV

fbt distribution



All the NFT Cards released by FootballStars will be created in an exclusive partnership with the clubs, players, and events.

The limited-edition FootballStars NFTs will be available exclusively through the FootballStars site, which is currently in development.

Below are the tentative levels of NFT rarity based least scarce to most scarce:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Genesis Loot Boxers

The FootballStars Genesis Loot Boxes will be issued to FTS token holders. Once the Football 2.0 Marketplace is available, holders of Genesis Loot Boxes will be able to trade to the public.

Genesis Loot Boxes are a bunch of random NFT cards, featuring varying rarities of cards. Users will have chances to own limited cards from the greatest players that ever kicked a ball to even championship teams.

FootballStars marketplace 2.0

All the NFTs and NFT Loot Boxes produced by the team will be made available on Marketplace 2.0. Buyers will be able to buy and resell their favorite football cards. Also, marketplace 2.0 will allow football fans and FTS investors to acquire the rare collection of exclusive football NFTs.

Team and Community.


The project is backed by a team with years of experience in this particular field. The Leader of FoodballStar is Davide Erba, president of U.S.D. 1913 Seregno Calcio football club and CEO of Midtronics. Alongside, the team is a well-established football enthusiast and the future expansion for success. Together they aim to create an engaging experience on the blockchain for all holders and football fans involved in the project.


Community is a key to any project, with the collaboration of FootballStars with several football players such as Marcelo Brozovic, Andrea Ranocchia, Arturo Vidal, among others. It is promising that FootballStars could rapidly gain on community members.

FTS Holders

After a month of launching, the FootballStar token reached 52,5k holders and is still rising daily.

Social Media signal

We have taken a closer look at the media channel of the project.

Twitter is at 17.1k followers now, with daily tweets posted.

Telegram is at 28k members, highly engaging from members and MOD every single minute.

This is a great signal for the investors by knowing that the team is still active and working on the project.

Roadmap, Future of FootballStars.


footballstars roadmap


The next phase of the project will be the integration of FootballStars Wallet.

The FootballStars wallet can be used for ERC20 and ERC721 non-fungible tokens. These tokens will be able to be used for cross-chain on Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, and the Polygon’s (formerly Matic network).

The wallet will act as a safe storage option for user’s crypto-assets. It will help connect users with FootballStar website and Football 2.0 Marketplace.

5. Key Social Channels

Following FootballStars

Check FTS token status

Final Thoughts

The introduction of the tokenization assets throughout BlockChain has allowed investors and fans a deeper and more personal connection to football. By releasing the services and products, FootballStars has revolutionized the way of experiencing sport. With the project still in the early stage, there are many more things that FootballStars has to offer to the community, investors, and partners.

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