Daily Crypto News | June 10th, 2022

1. Fed Vice Chair Brainard Calls For Immediate Crypto Regulations At a Bank of England seminar in London on Friday, Lael Brainard, the vice chair of the Board of the Federal Reserve Governors, discussed cryptocurrency regulation and decentralized finance (DeFi). The current volatility in the Continue Reading
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What are Guild Games?

Overview A community of gamers who play one or more games is known as a guild. You may have encountered game communities (guild games) in daily life, such those for FIFA Online 4, League of Legends, and others, where players may find new teammates or share valuable experience and other information. The formation of Guilds […]Continue Reading

Daily Crypto News | July 9th, 2022

1. Elon Musk Backs Out Of Twitter Purchase Deal According to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has withdrawn his $44 billion offer to purchase Twitter. Musk made an offer to buy the social media company in April, but his recent comments have led to […]Continue Reading

Daily Crypto News | July 8th, 2022

1. KeyFi CEO Accuses Celsius Of Ponzi Scheme Jason Stone, a DeFi entrepreneur and the CEO of KeyFi, Inc., one of the people behind yield farming account 0xb1, is suing cryptocurrency loan company Celsius for allegedly failing to uphold its contract. Stone is asking for unspecified damages that will be decided at trial. The lawsuit, […]Continue Reading
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Project Review:

I. Overview Each player in the community-focused metaverse game has an NFT mech that is totally unique to them. Each every mech has a distinct appearance, feel, and set of skills. In the game, ore, which can be converted into the cryptocurrency known as Forge Token, is acquired by players using mechs. By mining […]Continue Reading

Daily Crypto News | July 7, 2022

1. Bank Of England Enhancing Crypto Regulatory and Law Enforcement Frameworks The “extreme volatility” in cryptocurrency prices in recent months highlights weaknesses in the market, according to the Financial Policy Committee of the Bank of England (BOE), the British central bank, Bloomberg reported. The Bank of England emphasized the need for stricter law Continue Reading

Daily Crypto News | July 6th, 2022

1. 1 Billion Chinese Citizens Had Their Personal Data Leaked A billion Chinese residents’ worth of data, totaling roughly 23 terabytes, have allegedly been taken from a Shanghai police database by an unidentified hacker. If confirmed, this would be one of the greatest data breaches in history, according to experts. The data can be purchased […]Continue Reading

Daily Crypto News | July 5th, 2022

1. British Army’s Social Media Hacked To Promote Crypto Scams On Sunday, the British Army announced that its official Twitter and YouTube accounts had been taken over. Before Twitter took them down, a series of posts advocating non-fungible token (NFT) frauds were retweeted by the army’s verified Twitter account, which has about 363K followers. The […]Continue Reading
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What is launchpad? What are IEO, ICO, IDO?

I. Overview Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies’ popularity has grown significantly. With bitcoin as the foundation, more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies have now arisen. It is amazing how much the sector has grown in such a short time, and early adopters have benefited from it.  The rise of cryptocurrencies has also drawn a large number […]Continue Reading
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What is GameFi?

Overview GameFi is the culmination of gaming (finance and game), allowing players to invest real money and benefit from actual game play. But how is this possible? How may playing games online lead to actual financial gain and the acquisition of cryptocurrency? The ability for developers to build an entire financial economy within the game […]Continue Reading