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AMA Recap: Space Crypto

Basic information

  • Time: December 18th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: Space Crypto
  • Host: Kristen from Blockchain Army
  • Guest speakers: Giang Nguyen | CEO & Nghi Duong | COO
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Introduction
    • Part 2: Tokenomics
    • Part 3: Security
    • Part 4: Roadmap
    • Part 5: Community Q&A



1. Would you like to introduce yourself a little bit to our lovely audience right here?

Giang: Hello you guys. My name is Giang. I’m the founder of Space Crypto. I’m very excited with you guys here today and thank you Alex and all of you.

Nghi: Hello Alex and everyone from the blockchain community. My name is Nghi Duong and currently I am the Chief Operating Officer. I’m very excited to be here with you guys today.

2. Can you introduce more about the theme behind the project and about the Space Crypto as well?

Giang: I’ve been working in the game industry for 5 years ago. Most of our team are also working in the game industry. We have a team member who created Tiles Hop with 600 million downloads globally. He is very strong in product. He is working for three companies like Kixeye, VNG and Playstudios. We also have Michael who is CMO. He’s very strong in marketing. He learned from the US and worked across the US. He came to Vietnam three years ago to work for a startup. Right now, he joins our team and brings Space Crypto everywhere. We also have Nghi.

Nghi: In the past, I was an engineer at Amazon US. After that, I came back to Vietnam and I found VNG. Later on, I joined with Giang and other team members to start Space Crypto with them. I’m very happy to be in this team because we are very strong in delivering the game to all the game communities

3. Can you tell us more about the project since I saw a really interesting trailer at the start of the live AMA? Could you give us a sense of what Space Crypto is like?

Giang: So the video you saw basically is from the game scene. We recall the game that we played and then receive it in the video. This is exactly the in-game video. Talking about Space Crypto, it’s a NFT game with very easy game play and very easy to understand. Let me explain. First of all, you also are free to fly before you want to buy NFT. You just are free to play. You also have a reward that is not much tokens but you can understand the gameplay. When you understand the game, you can buy the NFT. You build your team and you bring your team to battle with the boss. When you defeat the boss, you reward the token and you should move to the next boss. That’s how easy the gameplay for farming for everyone can play. When you get the token, you can use the token to move to another kind of PvP or the tournament on the. We do a lot of them for different kinds of gamers. Even if you don’t know much about the game and don’t have lots of time, you just need to buy NFT, the team will automatically suit the boss and then you have tokens. So that’s it. That’s about the Space Crypto.

Nghi: I have a few points to add. Talking about Space Crypto, we try to deliver it as a space metaverse so that is where everyone can earn the token to the skill and to how we play the game like Giang has described earlier. We try to make it become the place that everyone can join into the metaverse and we can do all the things we want. We can buy land in space. We can join into any competition in the space fight or we can do everything in space. Because you know in space, we can imagine what we see in movies like the Guardian of the Galaxy or something like that.

Alex: Thank you. From my understanding, if we defeat the boss, we receive tokens. So the tokens are used to fight with other players. Am I correct?

Nghi: Right

Alex: If we defeat all the players will we get tokens like when we defeat the boss?

Giang: Right but from other people, not from the system.

Alex: Oh I understand so we so you we have to bid our tokens to fight with each other right Giang: Exactly

Alex: Oh yeah that would be a big motivation to win.

4. Assuming I am the user or I am an investor, what aspect of the project would you think would make me want to invest? What would appeal to me from the project?

Giang: It has to be easy. I mean everyone can play right. So if you are an investor or you have the people who want to play when you see the game and you can feel that the game is easy to play then you can play right. So when you are invited, it’s easy to fly so you can understand so you want to invest in something that you can understand. That is the first one. The second thing is about us. We are a game company so what we saw on the game is about the user. It’s about the product and how you can build a product that people love and they want to invite other people. They want to come back and enjoy every day so that’s how we saw in the product.

Nghi: We are a very strong product team and we choose customer centric. We focus on the customer. We try to deliver what customers want and our customers here are gamers. We try to deliver very good games with very good graphics. Then we try to add features about earning. We try to make the players have profit when they play the games. That is our key feature in Space Crypto.

Alex: It seems that you really care about your customers and your users. Can you elaborate more on the play to earn aspect? Will the new players receive an NFT when they join or do they have to buy an NFT in order to participate in the game?

Giang: Basically, you just jump to the game right. If you don’t understand, you don’t want to buy NFT. What we want is the user to just interact with the game first. You can suit the boss with a kind of click. When you click, you can see the boss but the damage is not much and you understand that you can keep the boss. But you feel it’s so long. It kind of takes 22 minute or something like that. You will think “oh with the NFT it will be much faster” like you can kill the boss in five minutes. So that’s how the flow form users to try again and play the game.

5. What about the upcoming events? Are there any IDO events or updates in the future?

Giang: The IDO is happening right now on GameFi. 22 December on RedKite. So basically it’s happening right now. You guys can catch all of the news on our Telegram or Twitter. All the new features, IDO, and public sale are updated daily. Public sale is also happening in the 22 also.

Nghi: In order to get more information about our IDO and public sale, you guys can follow us on the Facebook page of Space Crypto or Telegram community so you can get the most updated information.

Alex: I also agree with a potential project like this. I would also recommend everyone to join in the community and follow Space Crypto on social media to catch the latest news as well as be the first ones to play and experience this game. Thank you very much.

i’m i’m really interested in the tokenomics so


6. Can you elaborate more more about tokenomics?

Giang: We have two tokens. The first one is $SPG and it is the meaning of the whole system. The second one is $SPE – an in-game token. When you jump into the game, you have to buy this. If you don’t know why, that’s okay but most people will buy because that’s a lot more reward. You use $SPG to join the game and then you use $SPE for the whole game like you get the reward, you upgrade the spaceship, you buy the base or whatever you do kind of a PvP or tournament. So basically the in-game token has two reasons for existence. We don’t want the investor and everyone to FOMO for the token which makes it difficult for the gamer. When we separate two tokens, the one for the people who play the game and another for the whole system, for the investor, for everyone, they can up and down every day but basically the in-game totally will be very stable

7. Can you tell us about the types of NFTs and how do you obtain them in the game?

Giang: The first NFT is the spaceship. You use the $SPG to buy the spaceship. The price is the same but the spaceship is a kind of black box that you don’t know what exactly. It can be common, it can be rare, it can be super rare, it can be legendary or something like that. So the difference is the power and lobby. If you are very lucky, you open the box and then you hit the legendary right. So the legendary is really powerful and the fastest NFT. The NFT spaceship when you shoot the boss, you will lose the power, the energy. So you need to recheck. So another thing is called the base. That’s the second NFT. You can also fusion two spaceships or fusion two NFTs. For example, you have two spaceships which are not very strong so you can fusion them to make a much more powerful spaceship.

Nghi: Let’s add it more to Giang’s answers. So basically we have two kinds of NFTs. The first one is the spaceship and the second one is the base. Those are NFTs that you can trade on our marketplace which is later on next year. One of our very key features is that we can use two spaceships to fuse and to create a new spaceship which is more valuable than the previous two. So keep in mind about the marketplace and the features.

Alex: Those are a lot of ways to get the spaceship NFTs and a lot of activities you can do with those NFTs. So from my understanding, when you defeat the boss, you receive a black box right? Giang: No you have to buy the black box

Alex: Oh ok and the spaceships have energy right? Do we recharge it by adding more tokens or do we have to wait for it to recharge its energy?

Giang: It depends on you. You can wait for it. If you want to speed this you just buy the nft called base so it will help you recharge much faster. But if you don’t, it will be much longer.

Alex: Imagine if two spaceships are out of energy and you combine them to create a new one, will the new spaceship have full energy?

Giang: It’s not about NFT. It’s about power. I mean that if you combine the two to become one, then you lose two kinds of NFT burn right but you have another more powerful one.

Nghi: If you want to refuel, you’re gonna buy the base which makes the progress much faster. That’s why we have the base to reload the energy, to reload the armor, to become more powerful. So keep in mind.


8. There are a lot of scam projects out there and how does your security system work to guarantee your users wallets as well as their trust in your project?

Nghi: We do really care about the security because there are so many scam projects around us. The first step is that we try to make the community comfortable and be guaranteed with our project. So we have the auditing process with the certificate and the auditing is in progress. We’re gonna announce very soon about the auditing result. The next thing is our dev team. They have a system to monitor cheating and forking every single day to make sure that the token economy is safe and balanced. One very important thing is that this is a blockchain game. This is a blockchain base and this is decentralized. Users’ NFTs can be asserted the direct way to their wallet address so it’s crypted.


9. About the roadmap, how has the business been doing and where are you on the track? Do you have any future plans for the gamers?

Giang: Right now, we have the testnet but it has not done yet so we’re still checking on our team. We will have the testnet from next month for everyone to start checking the game and also the mainnet can be after two weeks from the testnet. A lot of features will be delivered to the game like PvP, tournament and marketplace. Also next year, we want to bring the game to the Solana chain with very fast and large transactions. So Solana will be the main focus for next year. We want to bring the game to another chain. I think we will finish by the end of next year.


10. From that movie, do you have any thoughts on how to balance the interests of the early and late game players in the projects?

Giang: Right now the balance of economy in the game is a very important problem with every game. We have to solve that. If not and ignore it, the tokenomics will be unstable. When you buy the NFT, you use NFT and you earn the token. When there are more users then the system will lose more of the token. If everybody also wins then the system will lose all the tokens. When you play the PvP, when you find something I mean kind of about 10 tokens, you have 10 tokens and you want to be with a lot of people. Then if you win, you take 10 tokens of your competitor. If you lost, you lost 10 tokens. The game will check kind of ten percent for every PvP or tournament. Even for 40 people in the tournament everyone will be spending the token to the tournament. If you win kind of like top one, two, three, or top five and then you guys will collect the token and everyone will lose that. Then the game will check for 10 percent. That’s the way we think about how we can balance the economy.

Nghi: I have some points to add to Giang’s answers. Earlier, I mentioned about the spaceship and the base. It’s easy to earn the normal spaceship or the common spaceship earlier in the game. However, the more you play and the longer you stick with the games, the higher probability that you earn legendary spaceship which makes you earn even more from the games. That’s how we try to keep the interest of the gamers in the long run. Later on, we can have some features like you can trade with other people in the marketplace to earn more or the fusion features because when you try to fuse two spaceships, you can have a more powerful spaceship and you can sell that with a more valuable price. That’s our strategy to keep the players attached to the game in the long run.

Alex: Let me recap this answer. First of all, the players participate in PvP and PvE. They might lose the tokens if they lose. Second of all, we have spaceship rarities when you fuse or when you trade. I think those two are really brilliant solutions to this problem. This can keep the token not inflated and also keep the gamer’s interest in the game in the long run as I understand.

11. Many projects like to speak about the long-term vision but what are your short-term objectives and what are you focusing on right now?

Giang: We are a game company. What we focus on is making games. Right now, we are focused on delivering to people a game that is really working stably and running on your PC. That’s what we focus on. After that, we want to track everyone playing the game and how they interact with the game and collect feedback from the users like what we have to upgrade or what they don’t like or what they like. Then from the feedback, we will improve the product and deliver to the users the product that makes people love more. That’s what we focus on for the short term and also long term because it is what we do every day at the game company.

Alex: I understand. So you will be watching the behaviors of the gamers and collecting feedback in order to optimize your games in the short term and in the long term. I really appreciate this because you are willing to listen to the community since not every game developer cares about the customer and the gamers in optimizing the game.

12. When expanding to the Metaverse, can I personally purchase the planet in the game to prop my spaceship?

Nghi: We plan to build the metaverse that has the planets so that every player can have space on it all. Your idea to park your spaceship on your planet is a great one and we appreciate that. Ưe will note it down and we try to deliver it as soon as we can.

Alex: Thank you for your answer. Okay, I think you already care about your players and you already listened to the idea right from the moment you start talking about it. I really appreciate that.

13. In the long run, how do you plan to spread awareness about the project in different countries whether Vietnamese or English is not spoken well?

Giang: I think when we explain the game, we don’t have to understand the language. I mean the UX/UI will help you understand without much explanation. In the beginning, you have to read the tutorial to play the game but it will be very easy and our team will design the UI/UI that is very simple and easy. Even if you don’t understand writing but you see the photo and the picture we draw, you can understand exactly what you should do. That’s how we deliver to every country that we think. It doesn’t have to be understanding.

Alex: What about the community? Do you plan to open communities in other countries and other languages aside from english?

Giang: We think that is a very good way for the community to be in the game. That means you open the game. You’re from Indonesia or whatever you can come from Korea. You can see this on the channel. There are some people talking about the game. What’s this guy doing? I like this feature or I don’t like it. So I think that the community has to be built in the game. It’s not outside. It’s kind of a Telegram group. The dev team has to keep the distance very near with the people.

Nghi: Let me tell you one more interesting point about our team is that we have a very strong marketing team. What they are doing right now is they are trying to build a partnership with the local community from other countries like Korea, Russia and some other communities from different countries. That is how we build the partnership and the communities for non-English speaking with other Vietnamese speaking communities.

14. Some people predict that next year’s market may fall into a downtrend season. Does the team of Space Crypto have any direction or prevention?

Giang: Everybody is talking about the game blockchain right now. So what happens if it’s not a trend anymore? What we think is not about the trend. We think about people’s needs. You can see that everyone is playing games because they want entertainment. They want to relax, to play with their friends during free time or something. People need that. Another thing, people want to make money. If we can combine two things into one, it makes sense. So it will not be a trend, it’s people’s need. On the other hand, the market will be down if the project doesn’t have any users. That’s normal. Whereas, we build the product and people love our product. They want to play every day, they want to enjoy with their friends and want to tell them that they should come and play the game. So we don’t have to worry about whether the market is down or not. Here we have the users. If the product has users and they love it, it’s the key to success and we don’t have to worry about trends or campaigns.


Up to now, Space Crypto has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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