Daily Crypto News | June 10th, 2022

1. Mastercard and NFT marketplaces collaborate, enabling card purchases

As the title suggests, Mastercard is now working with some certain NFT marketplaces, which mean crypto dwellers will finally be able to purchase NFT with their cards. Mastercard’s partners are revealed to be Immutable X, Candy Digital, The Sandbox, Mintable, Spring, Nifty Gateway, and MoonPay. Prior to this event, Mastercard was already partnering with Coinbase so that users could use their cards on this platform. This new collaboration was a direct result of a recent survey carried out by Mastercard themselves, which showed that a large portion of their users are interested in getting NFTs.

2. Blockware Intelligence: Bitcoin adoption to hit 10% globally by 2030

The adoption of Bitcoin is seeing very rapid increase due to its ever-growing popularity and acceptance from all over the globe. Bitcoin has been a well-known cryptocurrency for years now, and it has attracted millions of crypto enthusiasts. It is common knowledge that the mass adoption of Bitcoin is a revolutionary time period throughout the whole history of technology , which makes it somewhat similar to other major technological breakthroughs, such as smartphones and automobiles.

After gathering data from the global usage of some other historical inventions in the field of technology, Blockware Intelligence was able to analyze and generate some estimations. It would seem that the mass adoption of Bitcoin is taking place at an even higher rate than most of the previous technologies. According to the estimations, global Bitcoin adoption is said to hit 10% by 2030.

3. Bitcoin miners react negatively about New York ban, rendering it ineffective

Even though the bill hasn’t been passed as of today, some miners have already expressed their thoughts on this Proof-of-Work mining ban in New York State. They believe this ban would end up working against the state, as it only pushes miners away from New York, while other states are still welcoming them.

The purpose of this ban is to minimize the damage on the environmental sustainability, but a lot of miners, and firms, think that this prohibition against all mining activities unless 100% renewable energy is used is only  throwing away great mining opportunities, as well as discouraging any further mining in this state in the future. Some firms claimed to have already been using renewable energy, but would still be affected by this ban since they are not 100% dependence on it.

4. Terra’s Luna, Luna Classic Tokens See Volatile Trading Amid New Developments

Volatile token trading within the Terra ecosystem has been noticeable while the issuing company Terraform Labs is still in the middle of legal development against it.  Spefically, the price of Luna (LUNA) went from $2.65 to $3.44 within less than a day, from Thursday to Friday morning, which was a 30% increase, before its steep downfall, despite the rather flat crypto market. Likewise, Luna Classic (LUNC) also saw a roughly 34% gain in price before dropping sharply, according to CoinGecko.

5. This NYC gallery allows NFTs to be remotely displayed from anywhere

Another news from New York but this time it is from New York City. In the era where blockchain technology is thriving like never before, NFTs are now considered a type of unique collectibles, and a lot of people have the desire to showcase what they have accumulated over time in this virtual world. Seeing this opportunity, a Web3 gallery in Manhattan, New York was built to satisfy the zest of these NFT owners. This museum will provide NFT creators and brands with their own area to display their pieces of art, along with crypto games and metaverse offerings. The intended opening date is June 15th.

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