Metamask can now be downloaded on Chrome and Firefox, and with the mobile version, you can download it on iOS and Android. This tutorial will be presented on the Chrome, steps and installation screen are exactly the same on the other interfaces. Follow the 6 steps below to get your wallet setted up! Step 1: […]
Staking is the practice of actively engaging in transaction validation on a proof-of-stake blockchain (PoS) blockchain, which includes processing transactions and signing blocks (equivalent to mining). Anyone with a minimum necessary cryptocurrency balance can validate transactions and earn Staking rewards on these blockchains. Binance Smart Chain makes use of a consensus
Vega is a decentralized network protocol for creating and trading magined financial products. The network, secured with proof-of-stake, developed on top of Tendermint that allows users to trade derivatives on a decentralized network with similar functionality to that of centralized exchanges. It will enable fully automated end-to-end margin trading and sophisticated
The foundation of Binance Smart Chain made CZ become the US dollar billionaire in under a year. In fact, he was the person who grows rich fastest in history. By building a blockchain that reduces transaction fees, Binance Smart Chain lowers the entry barrier for small investors with a limited budget and brings the cryptocurrency […]