AMA Recap: ArmzLegends

Basic information

  • Time: October 25th, 2021 at 2PM UTC
  • Project name: ArmzLegends
  • Host: Kristen from BSC Army
  • Guest speakers: Max | CMO from ArmzLegends
  • Main content:
    • Part 1: Project overview
    • Part 2: Team
    • Part 3: Products and Services
    • Part 4: Security
    • Part 5: Roadmap
    • Part 6: Community
    • Part 7: Community Q&A



1. Can you introduce a little bit about yourself and the vision of your project, ArmzLegends?

Max: First of all, thank you for hosting this, ask me anything. I want to point out that if anyone has a question we cannot answer in this AMA, just go on our docs. You will just need 10 minutes to see if there is the answer. My name is Max, I am the CMO of ArmzLegends, I am in charge of the marketing and the communication on ArmzLegends. It is a Play-to-earn NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain. To be more specific, it’s an arm wrestling game composed with multiple hand-drawn NFTs that represent Armz from different worlds and universes. We inspire ourselves with lots of pop culture so you have comics, mangas, famous movies, stuff like this. The goal of the game is to recruit the most powerful Armz in that universe and defeat our legendary enemies. As you win, you will earn a $PROT, which is our token and you can use it to recruit more Armz just like you can also improve your Armz, you can boost it to get a better win rate. The gaming is basic and it’s really easy to use but we have had multiple features in order to get more activity and have a more complete game. As I said before, with the $PROT, you can do a lot of things. That was also our main goal, we implemented a marketplace as well which is 100% ready where you are able to buy and sell your Armz from the market in exchange of $PROT. Me and my team would like to point out something, we are fans of Play-to-earn, we nearly tried 75% of them If we all mixed our wallet but there was always something missing for us. I will not give examples because it is not the goal of my presence here but a lot of projects just launched and then you need to wait months or years to get all the features. It was just a bit disappointing for us so we tried to create something 100% ready with attractive and innovative economics in order to make a game by players for the players. I would say for the vision and the main goal, it’s to provide players a fun experience and create a community around it. Not only just a game, we want to create a worldwide community and allow the maximum to benefit financially. We just have imagined ArmzLegendS as the Play-to-earn we would have liked to play when we were digging a month ago with the guys on my team. For the tokenomics explanation, I will give details of our main strength and the added value of the project and why this game is financially reliable. If you look at our banner, you can see a toilet paper fighting with Thanos. I think it’s the first time ever you will see that kind of possibility in DeFi and in Play-to-earn in general.

2. What is the meaning behind ArmzLegends’ name? Where did you get the idea for that? Do you have any backup stories to share with us today?

Max: It’s easy to recognize the Armz. While I would say Legends is our NFT represents legends from pop culture so it’s the mix of both. I have a lot of questions like this, why arm wrestling? Wrestling is the most famous and worldwide known street game, pub game. You can do this everywhere. It’s really nice. The idea is that everyone in the world can recognize the game.

Part 2: TEAM

3. How many team members are there in your team that are working together right now? What are their positions and how do they contribute to ArmzLegends?

Max: For the core team, we are five members. There is the CEO, William, the CTO, Mateo, Zach, our Web3 Developer, Naoki, the artist and me, the CMO. First of all, William, the CEO, he’s originally a developer and also an investor in Cryptocurrencies since 2012. Before, he has launched a mobile app and he’s like me and the others, a former player of Play-to-earn like Crypto Blade, Zoon, My DeFi Pet. He just recruited the team that he thinks it’s the best to make the game he always wanted to do and to play. Mateo, the CTO, is the CTO of several of William’s projects and he helps with the smart contracts and the blockchain part. Concerning website development, it was Zachary. Naoki draws all our NFTs. For me, I am the CMO, I already worked in Business Development and Marketing for a big travel company before. I’ve also been investing in Cryptocurrencies for approximately 3 years and my goal is to make the game be known as much as possible and to make it a success. Also, really important, we have many people that are helping us concerning all the administration of socials and Telegram, etc. Thank you to these guys because they helped us a lot.


4. Together as a whole team, what kind of product and services that you guys have come up with and are offering right now and will offer in the future as well?

Max: As I said, we decided to completely change the tokenomics and the idea behind Play-to-earns. We just try to innovate, we don’t think and we are pretty sure also that it is the first time a Play-to-earn acts like this. The team does not own any token. Why did we decide to do things like this? The first positive point is that the team can’t sell anything because we do not have anything. There is no impact on selling pressure on the charts, no FUD possible from the players. It’s a way for us to be the first to try something, to be the first to innovate like this. This was really important for us. Our only revenues are BNB fees that we take on the features and on the minting. If we want to get revenues, we just need to sell our BNB and note $PROT token and I think it’s a main strength and a main added value that we bring right now. The second positive point, as you can see on the graph, is that we are allowing 80% of the total supply in gameplay incentives. For the players, I think we can give the example that maybe 90% of the Play-to-earns right now have generally between 20-30% for this part. We just came up and okay, 80%. The main mission behind this is to provide as many tokens as possible for the players and only for the players. We also have two features: the improverity and the boost in weight where the cost is in $PROT and also BNB. $PROT used in these features will be burned forever so it makes the token deflationary which is really good and really healthy. 50% of the tax from these features is used for the back mechanism to reallocate tokens in the pool. We are really proud to propose this. We also have a stacking reward lottery as well. Trying to make something complete and ready to please the future players, that’s pretty much everything. Something really important, all the features are ready and the game is coded in real time which means that you will always pay a mint the same amount in dollars. It’s really important for us because it allows a healthy chart and a healthy ecosystem. Concerning the service, there is a lot more in the docs for sure about the Play-to-earn like the fight, etc. People will get all the information soon when the game is released. We do bring a really nice added value and we are really happy about this.

5. When is the game released?

Max: On the 2nd of November, the launch will occur on PancakeSwap. Just before, the Dapp will be revealed and you will be able to start minting Armz. We do have a timeline shadow on our Twitter. With every date, we will release the features. Four days and one week after the other one in order to create a secret and a hype about each of them.

6. Do you want to say something to make your project stand out from the others and make it more appealing to the users?

Max: Economics for sure, I would say the real-time environment, real-time ecosystem. It’s maybe one of the first times it happened so I think it’s really nice to have someone who will arrive late in the project will still pay the same price for an Armz as the guy from the day one. We think this is really fair and it was important for us to propose this. And, I would say NFTs because Naoki just drew many of them and they’re really nice. I think our NFTs are also really really great.


7. There are a lot of scam projects out there in the market as we have seen from the past and they still happen now. Do you want to say something to guarantee your users’ wallet and also their trust in the project?

Max: You can check in our docs, we have the audit part. We are audited right now, also the CEO is doing an audit. I would say I show my face in an Ask me anything, I know that this is not an evident proof but it’s important. Just like the fact that we do not have a token normally, it’s evidence.


8. We would like to know more about the roadmap of ArmzLegends. How is the business going? What are your next goals in the future, for this year and the first half of next year as well? What milestones are you guys focusing on first?

Max: Maybe I can also start a bit about what is the marketing strategy. First, in the coming weeks, we already started to do our marketing. We are in discussion with many influencers and also administrators of Play-to-earn, Discord and Telegram. This also can help with the previous question. We have many people all that already tried the beta test to assure people that the game is ready, the game works. Thanks to them we will start to make great marketing, promote and share the world that ArmzLegends is coming, ArmzLegends is ready. For the coming days and weeks is our main priority because we already have more or less one or two months with all the features to come. We also have comics, we make teasers, we make content as well to provide something to our players, it is important. Concerning the rest and the future, I can’t say too many things but our priority is to make our community involved with us with many games, giveaways, with whatever we can to implement to make them participate in the project. I can give the idea, maybe one day, someone will withdraw in Armz and we will select it to be in-game. You can now do what you want and try to create in DeFi so that’s really nice. That’s pretty much all I can say for now. It’s important for us to keep secrets as we say in the roadmap.


9. Most projects have programs to help the Dev Team interact with their users, their community. Do you have any plans to attract and expand your community globally and improve your user experience?

Max: The goal is easier to make for them the best gameplay, the best experience. We will also listen to what they can bring, it’s important for us. We already trust people that propose themselves, to administrate international channels so I can think about the Hispanic one, the Thai, the Filipinos, the Chinese one. This kind of thing we do appreciate. The more the community gets involved, the more it will be rewarded. It’s our way of working. We are also waiting for them to propose and to create with us. I would say this is the main community aspect and community vision we have.


10. The team will hold 0% of the project’s token, so where will the profit come from so that you can maintain and develop ArmzLegends in the best way?

Max: We have BNB fees on the minting of Armz and also on features and listing of your Armz on the marketplace so this is where our revenues come from.

11. What solutions do you have for balancing the game’s entertainment factor while also providing a long-term source of income for all game players and investors?

Max: Concerning the games entertainment, it will be with the interaction with the players, for example, implementing a new Armz, implementing a feature, giveaways, and participation in mini games. You have a lot that is possible to do. Concerning the long term source of income for game players and investors, this works like every project. If you trust in your project, of course it’s better. For example, to participate in the press sale or participating in the genesis NFT sale, if you have a long-term vision, I would say this is the main domain and the best thing to do. It’s up to your strategy after, if you earn a $PROT, do you want to sell them directly? Do you want to hold them because you think the price will rise? It’s up to everyone to get their own strategy. I can’t answer for the players, everyone needs to have their own mindset about this.

12. People always have the demand to transfer and trade NFT after they have NFT from an NFT sale. When would the marketplace be available for users to do that?

Max: The marketplace will open on the 5th of November. This is the plan for the first month and it allows us to get time and let us think about upcoming information and what we want to implement. The first, the Genesis Round 2 is already sold out, I will remove it when I can. In 2 days you have the Genesis Round 3. You have the pre-sale on the 30th. This is all of the important dates that users should keep in mind.

13. The game has a very large fee compared to other games, 0.05BNB. We want to hear why?

Max: This is not a transaction visa, this is our revenue. That’s why we need to pay this kind of fee to remunerate ourselves. That’s the main point.

14. One of the issues with NFT trading is a lack of liquidity. What solutions does ArmzLegends have in place to ensure payment features for users while also creating a thriving market?

Max: It is not an NFT collection like you can have on a raffle. It is NFTs that will be used in-game. It is not the same thing. Moreover, there is no limit of the NFT, there is no supply limit apart from the Genesis one. It is not a question of liquidity. when you mint an NFT, you will provide the pool of rewards. That’s how the ecosystem works. It is not exactly the same as the NFT collection or issues they can face. There is no meaning of ensuring payments or stuff like this. It is not the same so we will not face this kind of problem.


Up to now, ArmzLegends has had outstanding growth with an ever-expanding ecosystem, promising to thrive in the near future.

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