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Tutorial How To Join IDO on BSCPad

1. About BSCPad

The BSC LaunchPad is based on Binance Smart Chain Network. It is known as the first decentralized IDO platform on BSC. Its mission is to empower cryptocurrency projects to distribute tokens and raise liquidity.

If the current launchpads are challenging to acquire enough tokens to participate, you are not guaranteed an allocation slot. They work on a first-come, first-served basis. However, with BSCPad, everyone who holds the required token will be guaranteed an allocation spot. BSCPad allows for decentralized launches that are fair.

The BSCPad method is a two-round system that ensures a guaranteed allocation for each tier level. There are no lotteries, no bots, and no luck; only evenly distributed rewards for all participants.

Round 1: Allocation Round

Based on the number of BSCpad tokens held, the minimum is holding 1,000 BSCPAD tokens. Depends on the amount of tokens you hold, you will be in either one of five tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond)

There is a number you should look at is the Pool Weight. Depending on your Pool Weight/Total Pool Weight, it will tell exactly the portion that you can purchase. The higher tier you are, the more Pool Weight portion you are, the more tokens you can buy.

Round 2: The BSCPad First Come – First Serve (FCFS) Round

The unsold tokens from round 1 shall be made available for round 2 purchase. This time, all tiered members can purchase additional amounts. A tier-based formula determines the purchased amount. The buying window opens simultaneously for all members and it will remain open until all tokens are sold. The IDO is concluded after all tokens are sold.

2. KYC BSCPad Profile

Before joining any IDO on BSCPad, you need to KYC your profile. It is a simple process. However, sometimes it will take up to 1 day for the team to approve. Thus, we advise you to complete the KYC earlier to avoid that you might miss out on the IDO.

2.1 What needs to be prepared for the KYC process?

  • MetaMask Wallet that is holding with a minimum of 1,000 BSCPAD tokens.
  • ID card (Passport or driving license)

2.2 Start the KYC process.

Step 1: Connect to Metamask Wallet.

Go to and connect your wallet.

Step 3: start the KYC process.

Click on the yellow KYC button located on the top right of the page.

KYC button only available when you hold a minimum of 1,000 BSCPAD in your wallet. BSCPAD is available to purchase on PancakeSwap.

Step 4: Country of residence.

The country must be the same as stated in the document (ID card, Passport, or Driving License). Even if you are staying in a different country, just set it as the country stated in your ID.

Step 5: Personal information.

Name, gender, date of birth, the email address is needed. Just fill in accordingly.

Step 6: Document and biometric verification.

Now, you need to use the prepared document for the KYC process.

  • Take a selfie with your ID (ID card, passport, or driving license, either). It is recommended to use a document with precise English translation for non-English native speakers.
  • Take a selfie with your ID and a paper you wrote with the content “BSCPAD + Date of KYC + The last four digits of Wallet address” next to your face (your face must be clear and not covered)

Notes: as you usually take a selfie with the front camera, please reverse/flip the image before submitting.

Step 7: Check if your application is approved or failed.

The verification process will take about a day. You will be updated by email if it is approved or failed for any reason. If it fails, you may head to to start over again the above process. In most cases, failure might be from the ID (not in English), you might change to a new document, or check if your face is covered when taking a selfie, etc. Once it is approved, the KYC button will turn green as below.

3. IDO on BSCPad

To find IDO projects on BSCPad, you can refer to this link
There will be three different categories. Such as Project Open Now, Projects Comming Soon, and Projects Closed. Each IDO will have two rounds. We will guide you one by one.

Round 1: BSCPad Allocation Round

Step 1. Look for the IDO project open now.

At the Project Open Now Box, you will see the project that currently open for sale. Click Open to see the details.

You will see your tier and your allocation limit in the orange box—the countdown time up telling the time remaining in the IDO.

Step 2: Approved the allocation limit.

Enter your allocation limit as below picture, then click approve.

Your MetaMask will pop up; click on confirm.

Step 3: Join the Pool.

Click on Join Pool, enter the allocation limit, then click Join.

MetaMask will be pop-up again; just click Confirm.

Check on the swapped box to confirm if the transaction is successful

Round 2: FCFS Round

Step 1:

Click on Schedule. It will tell the time for each round. Take note of the time the FCFS round starts. Note that the timing is in UTC. Convert it to your local time for better monitoring.

Step 2:

Time to start for the FCFS round. You will see the Remaining Allocation amount. The process is the same as Round 1. However, this time the Allocation amount doesn’t guarantee you will get it. It’s only for fast handers. You need to act fast.

4. How were the past IDOs on BSCPad performed?

Here are some past projects launched on BSCPad.

3 First Project on BSCPad

3 Last Project on BSCPad (As of May 31st)

We have gone through all the steps to join an IDO on BSCPad. The purpose of this article is only for information purposes. You should do your research to know more about the projects that you are about to invest in. Good Luck!

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