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Stickman’s Battleground – Anti-inflation Mechanism to Promote a Sustainable GameFi Ecosystem

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The majority of early blockchain games do not live up to the expectations of both the gaming community and the crypto community. They often have monotonous gameplay, shallow entertainment value, and poor profits that are often shaken up or brought down by market volatility. Stickman’s Battleground, as a newcomer and later generation of GameFI, aims to be a much more improved and sustainable version of old blockchain games.

About Stickman’s Battleground (STMAN)

Stickman’s Battleground (STMAN) is a Real-time Multiplayer NFT game on Binance Smart Chain with an anti-inflation mechanism and free-play-and-earn concept, the first of its kind that honors the fun and simplicity of gaming. STMAN prioritizes gamer experience by offering stunning design, engaging game flow combined with attractive crypto rewards, and is committed to bringing a unique take on value to both the gaming community and crypto enthusiasts.

GameFi is expanding

What began as a merge between gaming and DeFi is turning into a thriving and boundless metaverse as GameFi projects continuously sprung up like mushrooms after rain during the year 2021. Helen Hai, head of Binance NFT, believes that GameFi and SocialFi will lead DeFi 2.0, while NFTs will define ownership and drive more crypto adoption in 2022. Traditional free-to-play developers will join the blockchain, NFT, and Play-to-earn gaming bandwagon as big-name developers and publishers are expected to enter this space by the end of 2022. The sooner gaming projects enter GameFi and make themselves stand out, the more successes they are going to gather, which is exactly what STMAN is trying to do.

STMan harnesses the power of anti-inflation mechanism

Inflation has reached its highest level in 40 years at the end of 2021, and more and more people are realizing the futility of fiat currency against the “natural forces” present in the economy. As a result, they turn to the virtues of bitcoin as an anti-inflationary and highly secure store of value, especially during the pandemic when goods are scarce and prices are fluctuating like never before. JP Morgan Chase, in a note to investors, stated that institutional investors appear to be returning to Bitcoin, possibly because they see this cryptocurrency as a better inflation hedge than gold. And there is no reason why the STMAN token, which bears the same rudimentary features of Bitcoin just like any other cryptocurrency on the blockchain, can also be an effective inflation hedge.

STMAN claims to be the best anti-inflation game out there as it handles separate pools which are self-balancing based on the battleground of 30 players. Whether it is 1,000 pools or even 10,000 pools daily, inflation is always eliminated. STMAN offers no competitive landscape, no premium items or weapons to ensure absolute fairness because their motto is play-and-earn, not play-to-earn. Players can count on their in-game assets and spendings to always retain value and enjoy the complete gaming experience without stressing about ways to not lose profit.

Optimizing the benefit of players

STMAN optimizes player advantage with low cost and risk to deliver a wide range of benefits to anyone who joins the game and overall enhance the crypto gaming experience. STMAN is setting the lowest entry fees possible in battlegrounds that players see fit to their financial range. The price is as low as $1 and with no limit on the highest bet amount to ensure attractive gameplay and valuable rewards with high-profit margins. The game also offers a Free-to-play method through watching ads to get free plays and players can still enjoy the full functions of the game.

In terms of investors, STMAN offers a profitable staking and yield farming ecosystem to honor and encourage long-term stakeholders. Long-term stakeholders will have the right to vote and influence future STMAN changes through governance function and be invited as judges or sponsors of STMAN’s programs and exhibitions in the future.


STMAN token is the governance token in the game.


– Token name: Stickman’s Battleground

– Token ticker: $STMAN

– Type: BEP-20

– Network: Binance Smart Chain

– Total supply: 230,010,000

Use case:

– In-game payments

– Staking, Earning, Yield Farming

– Syncing: Users can use $STMAN as a native token for other $STMAN models in Stickman’s Battleground’s ecosystem.

Token distribution:

Team Members


Social Channels

Learn more about STMAN

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Facebook | Instagram

Final Thoughts

With the GameFi craze showing no sign of stopping, STMAN is on the right track to develop a flourishing metaverse that can be highly valuable and sustainable to the crypto and gaming community. Investors should keep a lookout for this project’s IDO coming in early 2022.


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