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Project Review: Planetarium Labs

I. Overview

Using decentralized technologies and content, community-driven Web3 game developer Planetarium Labs aims to create the entertainment of the future. It aspires to give massively multiplayer online games user control and creative freedom because it thinks that communities may create unlimited possibilities through decentralized innovations. A team of integrated blockchain developers, game publishers, and Web3 content creators work together at Planetarium Labs with the goal of forging strong connections between communities and technology. To launch a number of community-driven game initiatives this year, it is collaborating closely with important game studios from the APAC area.

II. Unique Selling Points

The mission of Planetarium Labs is to establish itself as a leader in open-source, decentralized blockchain games that run on player-powered networks. Built on Libplanet blockchain technology, the business is creating a gaming ecosystem that enables community participation in the creation of open-source content and gives gamers access to the game network.

III. Summary

Stella Fantasy, a live-action collectible NFT role-playing game, is being developed by Planetarium Labs, according to co-founder and CEO Kijun Seo. This week, the game’s significant gameplay trailer was unveiled. In order to investigate community-governed MMORPGs, they recently entered into a cooperation with XL Games, which was formed by Jake Song, co-founder of Nexon and the man behind the renowned Lineage franchise. Additionally, he mentioned that Planetarium will disclose additional game projects through its partners later this quarter.

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