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Project Review: FootEarn

I. Overview

FootEarn NFT is an online multiplayer blockchain-based eSport game that has been forwarded to the eSport community. With the Play-To-Earn Tournament function, users will compete against other teams using their team to earn virtual currency.

Each user will be a player and a coach who will direct the football players to compete against other users in each game. As coaches, users’ goal is to seek out talented players with the intention of using the game’s Training feature to level up their qualities. Pound (PO) is the game’s primary currency, and it serves as the basis for all transactions.

II. NFT Sales

FootEarn is a very promising project as it was introduced in the middle of a market craving for new NFTs. Not to mention, gaming is also on the rise in terms of its influence onto people’s daily life. What’s more, FootEarn’s theme is about football, the king of all sports that has never ceased to catch the attention of fans from both Vietnam and the whole world.

With that said, no one would want to miss out the opportunity to acquire for themselves FootEarn NFTs. These can ONLY be purchased during the INO rounds, with the first one taking place on July 18, 2022. Investors should keep this in mind as the day will come in no time. 

III. Unique Selling Points

IV. Tokenomics

FEN (Football eSports Token)

Use Cases

Token Distribution

PO (Pound)

Use Cases

V. Team & Backers


Backers & Partners

VI. Roadmap

VII. Socials

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VIII. Summary

FootEarn is the first real-time 3D football game e-sport built on blockchain. All ages, genders, and countries are drawn to play FootEarn because of its fun and simple gameplay. Additionally, players can directly compete against one another in tournaments and win prizes in multiplayer mode. This distinguishes FootEarn from other GameFi projects as a superior feature.

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