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Tutorial How To Join IDO on BSCPad

1. About BSCPad The BSC LaunchPad is based on Binance Smart Chain Network. It is known as the first decentralized IDO platform on BSC. Its mission is to

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HeroFi – Going Beyond the Typical Fantasy RPGs

In traditional fantasy role-playing games, in-game currencies have no value in the real world, and it would be a waste if we do not capitalize on the items

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AirNFT – Breaking the Boundaries with NFT Launchpad

AirNFT has been a force to reckon with in the NFT market ever since its official launch in April 2021. The project has the ambition to make NFTs mainstream

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CD3D – The Ultimate Blockchain Fantasy Movie League

CD3D is the first-ever crypto project to be able to meet the growing demand of the market for a decentralized version of a “fantasy Hollywood”, which is a

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The Crypt Space – An All-inclusive Platform Dedicated to NFT Artists

NFTs are grabbing the attention of many artists and collectors by solving one of the biggest problems in the art world: monetization and incentivization.

AMA Recap

AMA Recap: My DeFi Pet

INTRODUCTION On the 16th of July 2021, Kristen, host from BSC Army conducted a successful Youtube AMA with John Huy – CBO of My DeFi Pet. As usual,