Daily Crypto News | July 18th, 2022

1. CZ: Binance Won’t Get Into Stock Trading No matter how many


What are Guild Games?

Overview A community of gamers who play one or more games is known as a guild. You may have encountered game communities (guild games) in daily life, such

What is launchpad? What are IEO, ICO, IDO?

I. Overview Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies’ popularity has grown significantly. With bitcoin as the foundation, more than 20,000

What is GameFi?

Overview GameFi is the culmination of gaming (finance and game), allowing players to invest real money and benefit from actual game play. But how is this

Node and how to run it

What do you know of Blockchain Infrastructure? What about Node?  Welcome to another Educate and Sharing session made by Blockchain Army. This time,

GameFi: Overcoming the Limitations

Overview As most people already know, GameFi is a combination of Gaming and DeFi, where users can play games and accumulate assets over time through