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Project Review: Plant Empires

I. Overview: Plant Empires Plant Empires is a mobile game that brings together the concepts of tower defense, role-playing, and other strategy gaming

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GameFi: Overcoming the Limitations

Overview As most people already know, GameFi is a combination of Gaming and DeFi, where users can play games and accumulate assets over time through

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What is Stablecoin?

Among the cryptocurrencies available on the market with their fluctuating values, there actually exist coins designated to maintain their value over time,


Daily Crypto News | June 26th, 2022

1. Bitcoin And Ethereum Slowly Recover Over The Week The market has seen the downfall of most cryptocurrencies, and of itself in the past time. But some


Daily Crypto News | June 25th, 2022

1. Austria-Based Bitcoin Trading Platform Bitpanda To Lay Off Staff In the middle of the already arrived crypto winter, many crypto-based businesses are

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What is an audit and how does it cost?

Welcome back to another BARMY’s educating and sharing session!  Those who are familiar with DeFi and crypto projects would have seen a lot about auditing


Daily Crypto News | June 24th, 2022

1. Lengendary Footballer Christiano Ronaldo Is Partnering With Binance A number of world-class athletes are heading to crypto, and one of the most famous

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Top 5 ways to “Follow” the Crypto market for effective investment (2022)

Welcome to Barmy’s Education Session The common psychology of many people when participating in the market is to “immerse” in the feeling


Daily Crypto News | June 21st, 2022

1. The Government of Iran Might Be Cutting Crypto Mining’s Power Supply The production of elctricity in Iran has long been receiving significant


On-chain data June 19: A record amount of BTC has been transferd to the exchange. Has BTC bottomed yet?

Welcome to Barmy’s on-chain analytics. General Information Recently BTC has had a strong sell-off that has dropped from the range of $29,000 –