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Binance Smart Chain – Blockchain Of The Future

The foundation of Binance Smart Chain made CZ become the US dollar billionaire in under a year. In fact, he was the person who grows rich fastest in

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About VEGA Protocol and How to join Token Sales on CoinList

Vega is a decentralized network protocol for creating and trading magined financial products. The network, secured with proof-of-stake, developed on top of

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How to KYC CoinList account, before you can join the Token Sales on Coinlist.

CoinList is a place where you can get early access to the most promising new tokens before they are listed on other exchanges. Lucky applicants shall have

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What is market cap? How to calculate and use it for investment?

What is Market Cap? Market Cap is a metric that measures the relative value of a token/coin in the crypto market. Market Cap is calculated according to the

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Staking BNB on BSC for beginners

Staking is the practice of actively engaging in transaction validation on a proof-of-stake blockchain (PoS) blockchain, which includes processing

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How to connect Metamask to BSC

Metamask can now be downloaded on Chrome and Firefox, and with the mobile version, you can download it on iOS and Android. This tutorial will be presented

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What is gas fee (Gwei)? How to optimize gas fee?

If you are trading on a decentralized exchange based on the Ethereum platform, Binance Smart Chain BSC, etc., then you must be interested in Gas fees. In

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What Is The NFT Trend?

The definition of NFT first appeared in the year of 2017 with Crypto Kitties – a prominent cat game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. NFTs can

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What is Slippage and How to Avoid Slippage?

What is Slippage Slippage is a price gap between the requested order and the execution. There are several factors responsible for slippage. Slippage can

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About Liquidifty Project, An Upcoming IDO on BSCPad, PAID Ingnition, A2Dao on June, 15th

In 2021, the NFT market reached a daily volume of $5 million. Non-fungible tokens have already touched significant industries globally, such as sports,